Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Anti-Cancer Treatments: Beet Juice

Beet juice added to carrot juice.

Beets are a potent anti-cancer treatment and are also great for detoxing the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, blood and lymph. They are also high in folate, which is good for your bones, and they are helpful in treating constipation.

After juicing a beet, let it sit in the fridge for 2-3 hours, then throw it into your carrot or green juice. Never drink beet juice alone.

I LOVE the deep crimson red color of beets and beet juice!

Beetroot is used to recover from lymphoma

Beetroot is used to recover from CHEMO for lymphoma

From The World's Healthiest Foods:
The pigment that gives beets their rich, purple-crimson color-betacyanin-is also a powerful cancer-fighting agent. Beets' potential effectiveness against colon cancer, in particular, has been demonstrated in several studies.

In stomach cancer patients, when scientists compared the effects of fruit and vegetable juices on the formation of nitrosamines, cancer-causing compounds produced in the stomach from chemicals called nitrates, beet juice was found to be a potent inhibitor of the cell mutations caused by these compounds. Nitrates are commonly used as a chemical preservative in processed meats.
Health Benefits of Red Beets:
Beet root is a traditional treatment used for leukemia. Beet root contain an amino acid betaine which has an anti cancer properties. Red beet therapy, consisting of consumption of approximately two pounds of raw, mashed beets daily, has been favorably reported for cases of leukemia and tumors (includes cancer). Research also shows that beet juice can help inhibit the development of colon and stomach cancer.
Beet Root Therapy

Red Beet Juice:
The beet juice, in combination with the juice of carrot and cucumber, is one of the finest cleansing material for kidneys and gall bladder. It is highly beneficial in all disorders relating to these two organs.

Beet juice is very concentrated. Do not drink it alone. Dilute with a milder juice such as carrot or apple. Beet juice has been proven therapeutic in the treatment of leukaemia and cancer. In a clinical trial, twenty-two patients with advanced inoperable cancers were given 10 oz. of beet juice daily for 3 to 4 months. Twenty-one of these patients showed marked improvement in health.

Beets cause the stool to turn red and may give the urine a reddish tinge. When juicing beets, alternate between pieces of beets and pieces of carrots otherwise the beet pulp tends to build up on the side of the spinning extraction basket and causes the juicer to vibrate.

15 Health Benefits of Beets: Fight Cancer and More

Beets Fight Cancer, But Raw is Best

Beet Therapy for Cancer

Beet Pigments May Prevent Cancer

Using Food to 'Beet' Cancer


Shandy Monte said...

I love the color of the juice, it's so pretty!! I have always been afraid of beets for some reason... today at the market someone behind me was buying beets )I thought of you!) and I thought it was weird because I had NEVER in my years of grocery shopping seen ANYONE buying beets before... Anyway, random story!! lol

Shandy :)

Dana Herbert said...

Yeah, many people are afraid of the sugar in beets. But the glycemic index of a beet is less than the glycemic index for a bagel or a serving of rice. I don't eat breads or rice or other grains since I am all raw right now. And I juice a small amount of beets. Some sites recommend one beet per week. I juice up to four small ones a week right now. I just recently added them to my juices, so I'm kind of testing them out right now.

That's cute, your grocery shopping story. Thanks for thinking of me!

I'm so glad that Bueller found that Retin-A story for you!! That must give you some hope!

Dana Herbert said...


Beet GREENS (which are the leafy green tops of the beets)are recommended in the Cervical Dysplasia Diet:

The root is recommended for lymphoma.

I juice both.

Shandy Monte said...


I wasn't afraid because of the sugar, I was afraid because my mom used to be a cook in a convent and she used to make this beet dish, and I remember the smell always making me sick... Thats where that beet fear came from! lol...

Can you just buy beet greens or do you have to buy the whole beet?

YES, I WISH I could get my hands on some of the RETIN A... Or even if I could find someone that sells Vitamin A suppositories??

I have NOT been doing well with my diet lately. The depression made me turn to cheesecake, chips and pizza... AHHHHH... I am not going to beat myself up for it... it's just hard getting back on the raw bandwagon.

I have the book "the raw food detox diet" it is a REALLY good book and transitions you slowly to 100% raw even if it takes years. I was doing 100% than realized I couldnt do it and went to about 80% raw. Now I am about 50%... I want to get back to at least 80% and then eventually 100%.

I eat a lot of salmon but I eat it cooked.

Ok... I am going to be writing you back (email)... I had some family issues today.... ah... need to get back to my peaceful healing environment (which includes my mind)

Oh thanks for that link... very helpful!!!! :)


Dana Herbert said...

Too bad we don't live closer to each other. I'd juice the beetroot and give the greens to you to juice!!

Yes, it takes a long time for most to transition to 100% raw. It is not an easy lifestyle, I know that, and 50% raw is probably better than what 95% of the population eats now.

Since they won't prescribe Retin-A for cervical dysplasia yet, but they will prescribe it for acne, I think that you should get one of your make-up artist friends to put some fauz zits on your face and go visit a really cool dermatologist who won't try to call you on your bluff!

What a great acting role!

Anonymous said...

My daily nutritional regimen for depression:

Three caplets of TMG (trimethylglycine), a B-50, and a caffeine tablet (taken together, on an empty stomach well before breakfast, with 8 oz water, tea, or coffee).

If you are sensitive to stimulants, you might want to start with low doses.

TMG is derived from betaine (see--not OT!), increases SAM-e levels (animal studies), and neutralizes homocysteine (an added benefit).

Google for safety concerns and so on. Hope it helps someone. Certainly works for me.

Dana Herbert said...

I have found that raw milk and natural progesterone cream also helps me with depression (and fatigue too). Both are very good for the adrenals too!

angela@SpinachTiger said...

It was just on fox news that beet juice may also give you 20% more energy. Hooray. I'm in middle of doing a purple food series and I'm going to link you. The thing that mystifies me about beets though is that beets have tryptophan and make me sleepy, so I don't understand the "energy" report.

Dana Herbert said...

Thank you Angela!
Please leave us a link here in the comments section to your article!
I would love to read it! said...

Could you tell us why not to take beet juice alone? I am an athlete, copying a study that suggests taking 500ml a day for 6 days preceeding a race for endurance. I have been taking carrot/spinach/beet combination, but was planning on switching to beet only in the week prior to the race.

Dana Herbert said...

Hi Hillclimber!
I found the answer in the comments section of an article about drinking beets for stamina:
Good luck in your race!

viola said...

I just simply love beets!!! Im from ukrainian family and I remember since I was small beets (mostly soup) was serwing in our table very often.But i did't know beets are that healthy.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is great that you have all this info about how wonderful beets are. I got rid off a 4cm OVARIAN CYST by drinking BEET JUICE (2 pounds raw) , ALOE VERA (the inside) juice and a bottle of MOLASSES. mix all these 3 ingredients and refrigerate. drink a shot amount 3 times a day for 1 month. it is a very popular natural remedy in the caribean. I didn't have to go though a horrible and painful surgery my gyn wanted me to.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the commenter lamenting eating the cheesecake and other foods she deems inappropriate, is having cravings because she needs more fat and protein. When a person is fulfilling their nutritional needs, they are not plagued with cravings and binges like that. I used to be affected by compelling cravings that couldn't be reisted. I believe they tell you that you are doing something wrong, that you are needing things you aren't getting and your body is making you get them, however imperfectly, based on what you have around to eat. It is well known that vegetarians who are deficient in protein crave sugar more than people who are not protein deficient. Listen to your body. If you are craving a big ol steak, then eat it. If you are set on eating all raw, you can eat it raw or close to it. There are lots of raw foodists that are not vegetarians. If you google you can find groups where you can learn a lot. is a great site that teaches people what Dr. Weston a price learned back in the 30s when he travelled the world studying the diets of non inducstrialied people groups eating their traditional diets. These people had perfectly straight teeth with no decay, almost no degenerative disease. Their diets varied a lot. Some were almost total carnivores, such as the Masai in Africa and others had only minimal animal products in their diet, albeit extremely nutrient dense. Check it out, it is a fascinating site. You can read about Vilhalmur Steffanson who was an arctic explorer who in 1906 lived with the Inuit and ate only fish with them all winter. He was amazed at how much healthier he felt than on the supposedly necessarily varied european diet. The doctors in this region at this time had been there decades and had never seen a case of cancer among these indians who ate their traditional diet of almost exclusively game and fish, with small amounts of berries roots and plants.

Anonymous said...

Brandon says, when buying beets (which should be organic)after returning home from the purchase cut the leafy green stalks off of the beet and keep them just store them separately, because the foliage will continue to pull vital nutrition from the beet root itself cheers!

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