Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Are Holistic Dentists So Against National Socialist Health Care?


Holistic dentist Leonard Kundel defrauds patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Dental Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The latest study, involving 29 people with CFS, shows that repeated rituximab infusions can keep symptoms at bay for years.

PLEASE READ MORE about Dr. Leonard Kundel and his fraud HERE.


me said...

whew Im exhausted!!!!! your bloggin hard over here!! I do have 2 cents...holistic medicine is against socialization because they have traditionally been sequestered outside of the insurance business...soicialization will just deepen the trend of not mainstreaming some holistic treatments.....make sense?

Dana Herbert said...

Why do you think Dr. Kundel does not want the Department of Health to know what he is doing?

Anonymous said...

Just flittering through...Awesome. Can't wait for the book/show. You are gonna be a star - the dental Michael Moore.

Surrey Dental Clinic said...

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djw said...

Each of these "doctors" operates ( no pun intended) in the same way.

They pracise what I call "selective predatory dentistry" preying on the weak, those with chronic illness and invariably those for whom modern medicine does not have a quick and/or simple answer.

Those patients get a plate filled with hope, anecdotal recovery storys and end up with an empty wallet.

I see this over and over again.


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Unknown said...

It seems like dentists these days are way too willing to remove all of a persons teeth. Which is ridiculous. I like to think that dentists in Surrey would never consider such a crazy maneuver.

Voice of Truth said...

Dr. Kundel in Stamford, CT caused me a lot of pain and suffering in 2007. He defrauded me by drilling out a perfectly good filling without even taking an X RAY or having a full, honest evaluation of the filling at all. He also put a way-too-big crown on one tooth that had to be removed by a NYC competent Dentist who could not believe the horribly big crown that was wrongfully placed by Dr. Kundel. He also tried to sand down the too-big crown while already in my mouth. He does NOT know what he is doing when it comes to Dental Materials, and he is arrogant with women. When confronted, he evades any responsibility and most certainly is toxic in personality. Would I call this remotely "Holistic"? No way. I have researched as a Journalist for several years the more natural dental materials for all Consumers, and I can tell you that very few Dentists who advertise as "Holistic" are educated in Toxicology. They often use the very same junk that the worst Dentists use, and I have found that people like Dr. Kundel like to think they are Holistic by just preaching the same old lines of misinformation and "feel good" advertising, but they are usually unskilled and even dangerous. With this said, there ARE some good Holistic, caring Dentists... one in Massachusetts, one in Florida, a few in California, Texas and New Mexico and some other places. But none in Connecticut, and maybe one in NYC, but Consumer BEWARE.