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Dental Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


If you are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it might be a good idea to get copies of all of your dental x-rays and a list of all the metals used in your mouth. 

In addition to mercury toxicity, occult or hidden dental malignancies, and beryllium poisoning, may be other causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

How to avoid getting ripped off by the dentist"For a dentist who practices alone, there's usually no one looking over your shoulder. It's easy to take advantage of people. You're basically given a blank check."

The following is a true story:


(Originally posted here in 2008: Diagnosing Dana: Exhibit 3, with new updates below):

On March 2, 2000, I was solicited to the dental office of Theresa F. Keefe, DMD, (a.k.a. Dr. Tracey Keefe) because she wanted to pay for my decorative painting services in her house, which she owned with her husband, hematologist/oncologist and anatomical pathologist Zia Rahman (St. Francis Hospital) by providing me with cosmetic dental care. 

Normally, I didn't like to barter as I was a single mother and needed cash to pay for rent and food, etc. I also had a dentist who I saw on a regular basis. However, I did need something to replace the missing teeth in my lower right mandible due to a recent extraction by my regular dentist, either a partial denture or some bridgework and my dental insurance did not cover bridgework, so I agreed to barter with her for dental services. 

During my first visit with her she took this x-ray of tooth #30 and the surrounding bone in my lower right mandible:

Now, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that there is something kind of wrong with this picture.

Unfortunately, Dr. Keefe never showed me this x-ray and never informed me that I had permeative, moth-eaten and ill-defined radiolucent lesions and root tip resorption in tooth #30, or that the extraction site from tooth #28, which was pulled by my regular dentist seven months prior due to complete resorption of the root (a sign of bone lymphoma, the tooth also had a nickel post in it), had not yet healed, as shown in this photograph of my jawbone, also taken by Dr. Keefe (and which was also never shown to me). 

The way she tricked me into obtaining this photo without my getting suspicious was by telling me that she was inspired by my interior decorative painting portfolio to start taking "before and after photographs" of her cosmetic dental work and start her own portfolio. She then took this "before" photograph . . . but curiously, never took an "after" photograph:

A case of oral non-Hodgkin's lymphoma presenting following a tooth extraction is reported. The clinical presentation was that of a periodontal lesion and an extraction socket that failed to heal.

"Swelling, ulcer, or discomfort may be present in the region of the lymphoma, or it may mimic a periapical pathology or a benign condition." - Diffuse Large B-cell lymphoma of mandible: A case report. 

Dr. Keefe then lied at least THREE TIMES in my dental records by specifically writing that my oral cancer exam was "within normal limits", that my bone x-rays were "within normal limits" and that I had no root tip abnormalities:

Unfortunately, I did not have access to the above x-ray until October 25, 2002, when I asked Dr. Keefe for copies of all of my dental records with her, or to the above photograph until August 24, 2004, five years after tooth #28 was pulled. 

I believe that she falsified my records in order to get $5000 worth of decorative painting services for her home. And for reasons far more nefarious. 

Had she told me the truth on March 2, 2000, I would have NEVER allowed Dr. Keefe (who has post-graduate training in dental oncology and head and neck cancer and is also a Clinical Professor of Dentistry at UConn Hospital) to place a carcinogenic nickel-beryllium post into tooth #30 and a cosmetic dental bridge over a potentially cancerous non-healing ulcer in my jawbone and cover it up so that no other dentist or doctor  could see it.

You would think that with all her post-graduate training in oncology (she is not incompetent, and her husband was her oncology professor), she'd be the first person to recognize the signs of cancer, and the last person to sell you a carcinogenic nickel-beryllium bridge, right?

What is particularly evil about her concealing this ulcer in my jawbone is that:
"Primary bone lymphoma that has not spread to other areas of the body can be often cured. Using both chemo and radiation, 80-90% of individuals can achieve a cure.lymphoma.about.com
This is an x-ray she took during one of my cleanings with her, on December 2001, to check in and see how her bridgework was doing. I believe that she started scheduling me for regular cleanings in order to prevent me from going back to my regular dentist or to anyone else. Even though regular cleanings were covered by my dental insurance, which she did not take, I was happy to pay her $100 cleaning fee to support her business (completely unaware of her true motives at the time, of course):

Notice the osteoclerosis (seen in bone lymphoma) and the widening of the periodontal ligament space next to where her custom-designed carcinogenic nickel-beryllium core cuts into my jawbone? Both signs of cancer

Also, the post in tooth #30 looks like it has caused the entire root to resorb now and the adjacent bone to turn black.

Beryllium has been banned from dentistry because it causes osteosarcoma, and there was even a lump of reactive bone (reactive fibrosis is seen in bone lymphoma) that grew around Dr. Keefe's post and core. 

It also causes berylliosis, an incurable lung disease.

Health effects of beryllium
Beryllium is not an element that is crucial for humans; in fact it is one of the most toxic chemicals we know. It is a metal that can be very harmful when humans breathe it in, because it can damage the lungs and cause pneumonia.

The most commonly known effect of beryllium is called berylliosis, a dangerous and persistent lung disorder that can also damage other organs, such as the heart. In about 20% of all cases people die of this disease. Breathing in beryllium in the workplace is what causes berylliosis. People that have weakened immune systems are most susceptible to this disease.

Beryllium can also cause allergic reactions with people that are hypersensitive to this chemical. These reactions can be very heavy and they can even cause a person to be seriously ill, a condition known as Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD). The symptoms are weakness, tiredness and breathing problems. Some people that suffer from CBD will develop anorexia and blueness of hands and feet. Sometimes people can even be in such a serious condition that CBD can cause their death.

Next to causing berylliosis and CBD, beryllium can also increase the chances of cancer development and DNA damage.

And beryllium is also listed as 1 of 4 possible causes of histiocytic lymphoma on ToxNet

Nickel causes bone lymphoma, aka reticulum cell sarcoma, aka histiocytic lymphoma, a lymphoma of the connective tissue, and I was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder (positive ANA titer, 1:640, speckled) soon after this bridge was installed. 

Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms in Metal Carcinogenesis and Cocarcinogenesis: Nickel, Arsenic and Chromium

Metallic Implant-Associated Lymphoma

Increases in sarcoma and lymphomas with bone involvement due to metallic implants containing high levels of nickel.  (The Unitbond alloy she used to fabricate my post and core contained 78% nickel, much higher than the amount used in stainless steel.)

Metals (nickel, chromium) as a risk factor for lymphoma.  (Lymphomation.org)

Heavy metal (monoclonal) bands: A link between cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and contact allergy to potassium dichromate, nickel and cobalt?

On July 24, 2002, I visited her at her office to complain of pain and swelling underneath the bridge and increased symptoms of fatigue. I was concerned very about bone cancer. She told me that she could not see any swelling, that bone growth was a good thing, and encouraged me to look for other causes of my fatigue. She also encouraged me to leave the bridge in because "it looks so good."

On August 23, 2002, in another attempt to get her to help me, I emailed this letter to her:

She agreed to meet me at her office on September 2, 2002 to discuss, as long as I did not bring my new husband,  and then she very coldly refused to remove these allergens and carcinogens from my mouth even after I spent almost two hours in her office crying and begging her to remove it, unless I paid her another $3500 for a replacement bridge. 

She told me to stop reading things on the internet posted by "whackos" who think that nickel and mercury are toxic and that their dental metals are making them sick. She assured me that she was my friend, and that she would never do anything to hurt me. 

When I asked her why I was having so many horrible symptoms, she said "I don't know. Maybe you are just a sickly girl."

After repeated requests for a list of all the metals she placed in my mouth, she finally sent me a letter in February informing me that the alloy she used to fabricate my bridge and post and core was called Unitbond. 

I then called Jensen Industries, the manufacturer of Unitbond, and they told me that Unitbond was contraindicated for use in posts and cores.

Why? Because the MSDS for the 78% nickel with beryllium alloy (Unitbond) used in my mouth by Dr. Keefe warned that it was toxic and caused tumors and fatigue

According to the Learned Intermediary Doctrine, health care practitioners are bound by law to pass along manufacturer warnings to patients. Dr. Keefe never passed along any of these warnings to me. 

Unitbond was removed from the market shortly after my phone call to them. 

This was the technical detail and warning posted on Jensen Industries website regarding Unitbond:

I then obtained this letter from my allergist:

Still, after another request to remove the bridge and post and core, Dr. Keefe refused. She told me that I would never be able to prove that dental metal allergies cause CFS or cancer, that no oral surgeon will ever biopsy my jawbone, and that I will never be able to prove I have cancer. 

So I filed a suit in small claims court to get my money back for the bridge, so that I could have another dentist replace it and to assert my rights as a dental consumer. However, she then had her attorneys motion it over to the regular docket.

SMALL CLAIMS LAWSUIT transferred to regular docket by Dr. Keefe: Click here to see how difficult it is to get the carcinogens she places back out of your mouth.

Basically, in order to save herself $325 (mark-up on bridgework is 10-fold), after I already provided her a total of $5000 in decorative painting services, and just replace the stupid bridge, she decided to try to turn this whole ordeal into a medical malpractice case and make it a fight to the death to get that toxic nickel bridge and post out. 

I called her attorneys and asked them to please settle this out of court for $3265, so that I could get the bridge out, get a replacement bridge and just move on with my life. 

They refused. 

So I talked with a few attorneys and one of them advised me that as a Breach of Contract claim, I had a duty to mitigate damages. This meant, getting the bridge out and finding out what was underneath the bridge and getting it treated. 

He then helped me get the requisite expert opinion I would need to proceed in civil court:

Dr. Breiner had also told me, on the phone, in previous discussions with him a couple of months earlier, that the tooth that Dr. Keefe placed the toxic metal post into was no good (I had sent him copies of her x-rays). He also advised me to get to an oral surgeon immediately.

Shortly after we got this expert affidavit, this attorney's office was broken into and many boxes of legal records were stolen, which really spooked him, so he told me that he would not be able to help me with my case at this time. But he did instruct me on how to file the affidavit with the court, which I did.

Another attorney helped me conform my complaint to the civil docket.

Getting the bridge out ended up being the easy part, as once I learned that the tooth was no good, I gave up on wanting a replacement bridge and simply had the bridge and tooth removed.

However, getting an oral surgeon, doctor or radiologist to tell me what was underneath the bridge and help me mitigate damages would prove to be the hard part.

Really hard.

I could not even get an appointment with most local oral surgeons, they refused to see me for "legal reasons."

And the ones that did see me, and took my money, and told me that they could not see any anything abnormal.

One attorney told me that they were just going to drag this case out as long as they could.

Because Dr. Keefe had connections that would make sure that my jawbone was never biopsied, dead or alive.


[INSERT experiences with fraudulent holistic dentists 2004 - 2008 here.]

Disciplinary Action Against Leonard Kundel, D.M.D. (I am the D.H. mentioned in this case)


During discovery, Dr. Keefe made it very clear that she thinks that I am delusional for believing that there was something in my jawbone and that nickel and beryllium are toxic.

She also deposed my treating psychologist after he filed this affidavit and tried to convince him that I was a delusional liar, that there were NO lesions in my jawbone, and warned him that he was about to testify against another "professional":

During four 8-hour depositions at her attorney's office she would show up in her big powerful black SUV, wearing powerful dark clothing, sit across the table from me, and glare at me with extreme hatred the entire time. 

(I will post the portions of the deposition soon where I had to interrupt the questioning to tell her to please stop looking at me with so much evilness in her face. She didn't bat an eyelash and just continued to glare.)

She never once showed any signs of remorse or empathy or apologized. 

UConn: The Killers (and Liars) in Our Midst:

So how do you recognize a sociopath if you happen to meet one in your daily life? Stout urges readers to practice what she calls "the rule of threes." 
One lie or broken promise or neglected responsibility may simply be a misunderstanding. Two may involve a serious mistake, but "three lies says you're dealing with a liar, and deceit is the linchpin of conscienceless behavior," Stout writes. 
"Do not give your money, your work, your secrets or your affection to a three-timer."


The bridge that Dr. Keefe installed in my mouth:
It had a loose stainless steel post and core still attached, which means the bridge was broken the entire time it was in my mouth. I believe that this loose post and core was causing my respiratory problems, because that orange stuff under the core was leaking out into my mouth the whole time the bridge was in. Either that, or it is berylliosis, because I do also have a lung granuloma that was discovered in 2002.

The 78% nickel with beryllium post and core installed by Dr. Keefe is on the right, and it is nasty looking.
Removed June 5, 2003

This is what my jawbone looked like after the removal of Dr. Keefe's bridge and tooth #30:
(Notice the two dark spots from toxic nickel and beryllium leaching out due to root resorption.)
Root resorption is a sign of malignancy.
Photo taken October 2003

This is what my jawbone looked like in January 2004 after oral surgeon Avram Berger, DDS, sewed up the extraction site that failed to heal. There was thickening in the bone torus, which was removed but never properly biopsied. The mucosa is white and inflamed. There was no infection in my jawbone because I was never prescribed antibiotics by Dr. Berger. Dr. Berger assured me that this was what the normal healing process looked like after minor oral surgery. 

Lymphoma of bone is a gray-white fish-flesh like tumor that diffusely infiltrates the bone:

This was the swelling in my jawbone and glands after the same very minor surgery:

Dr. Avram Berger (who I later found out is a friend of Dr. Keefe's) then called my new PCP to tell her that I was delusional and that there was nothing in my jawbone. (He didn't know I had taken the above photographs):

Panorex, April 2004:

Occlusal x-ray of the area surrounding Dr. Keefe's work, April 2004:
At this point it was still localized and potentially curable.

X-ray of lower right mandible, April 2004:

The above panorex and x-rays were taken at St. Raphael's Hospital in New Haven. They would not biopsy the jawbone, but did give me these copies and then sent me on my way with a "God Bless."

Here are some of my interrogatory responses in my lawsuit against Dr. Keefe:

The case was dismissed on the eve of trial, on a technicality. I did not have a trial attorney. I was a pro se litigant the entire time the case was in litigation, which was over five years.

THIS is the ring that I saw mentioned directly above:

And THIS is Dr. Thomas Manger's report. He doesn't have access to the MRI films? Now that's a blatant lie. Of course he does, they were in the radiology department across the street from his office. Dr. Manger had been grossly negligent in my first appointment with him a year and a half earlier. It was gross negligence again for him to not get up and take a walk across the street. That is where I was able to access them to post the picture above:

At the time though, unfortunately, I did believe it was an "artifact" because I completely trusted Dr. Keefe. 

I hope you like the living room, dining room and 2-story foyer I painted for you Dr. Keefe.

I worked really hard to make your home more beautiful and used only non-toxic materials.

I even found a big hole in one of your walls, behind a door, that you didn't even know was there, and fixed it for you. 

And had you not been happy with any of my work, I would have painted it over, for free

Here are some before and after photos of the dining room:




UPDATE: Looks like the artifact is still there. These are images from an MRI I had done at UCHC on 12/26/14. Again, none of these "artifacts" are listed on the radiology report. I was able view these images by downloading OsiriX to my home computer:

(Localizer image)

(Localizer image)

(T1 coronal post-contrast image: Looks like a tumor in ^ ^ the lower right jawbone to me. Lymphoma is low to intermediate signal on T1 images, gadolinium is bright. Gadolinium is a chemical compound given during MRI scans that highlights areas of inflammation. )

(I also have bright nasal turbinates on DWI MRI, which could be caused by lymphoma.)

"In the smaller volume lymphomas, there is a tendency to spread a a diffuse thin sheet of tumor along the walls of the nasal cavity to envelop the nasal turbinates." Radiological Imaging in Hematological Malignancies, 2004

If this is true, then the fatigue and headaches associated with CFS may be due to bright nasal turbinates (restricted diffusion) on DWI MRI, caused by small volume lymphomas, such as MALT, follicular and small bone lymphomas in the jawbone (which emedicine says can be difficult to diagnose without a high index of suspicion).

(I don't know what the heck that ^ is, up in the brain, but it is probably being caused by the bright nasal turbinates. Looks like I will eventually just "fade to black." ) 

I did bring the top picture only to an oral surgeon last month, who looked at it and asked me why nobody biopsied this lesion 15 years ago. He then asked me to bring him the entire MRI CD the next day. After looking at it, he looked shaken, like he had seen a ghost. He then tried to tell me that these images were not mine because they did not have my name on them. I explained that DICOM images today don't have patient's names on them, but that my UCHC patient ID number (T00398783) is on them. He then told me that he was sorry but that there was nothing he could do for me now. And would not biopsy the jawbone. 

With the exception of the top two localizer images above, the last four images are also seen in a brain scan I had at St. Francis Hospital on January 7, 2012, for intractable migraines, but the radiology report simply says "Normal brain MRI" and makes no mention of the above abnormalities. 

But don't forget, Dr. Keefe's husband is a hematologist-oncologist at St. Francis Hospital and I'm sure he is friendly with all of the radiologists there. 

And all you have to do is google "radiology fraud" to see how rampant it is. 

So what's next Dr. Keefe? I know that your husband is also an anatomical pathologist, who trained at UConn Health Center. Is he going to get all the pathologists in Connecticut to falsify my pathology reports too? My autopsy report?

Your iniquity knows no bounds.


Also, I have been studying genetics this past year, and have had my genome sequenced by 23andMe. 

Dr. Tracey Keefe told me that only "whackos" think their dental work is making them sick and that only people from the "lowest walks of life" get NHL. 

Well, I don't think that is true. 

I have a very rare genotype, which is seen in 0% of the CEU population, or rather, less than 1%. I am homozygous A;A (T;T) for Rs1913474

If you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and you feel that it may be linked to the dental metals in your mouth, it might be worth it to have your genome sequenced and check your genotype at this SNP as well.

Rs1913474: [PMID 18636124OA-icon.png] Polymorphisms in the estrogen receptor 1 and vitamin C and matrix metalloproteinase gene families are associated with susceptibility to lymphoma.

Mercury Exposure Increases Circulating Net Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 and MMP-9 Activities
"Risk factors for NHL also include exposure to toxic chemicals including vinyl chloride, herbicides (including dioxins, i.e. Agent Orange), pesticides, hair dyes and heavy metals, as well as ingestion of certain prescription cytotoxic drugs"  ~ Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Medical Disabilities Guide

"A population based case-control study of residents of Los Angeles County found that the risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma among women decreased with increased consumption of alcoholic beverages. The risk of NHL was 50% lower among those consuming five or more drinks per week than among those who abstained from alcohol." ~ Alcohol and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (Ahh, see, I quit drinking in the summer of 1992....)

“But in the back of my mind, I knew I was sick,” Karen says. “Of course I looked online at my symptoms, but I couldn’t really find anything. I’d had a lump under my jaw that had always been dismissed.” ~ Karen Allen Lymphoma Survivor

I think that prior to the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, many dentists, doctors, and oncologists did believe that NHL was only seen in people from "the lowest walks of life" (I really hate that phrase, such a disgusting thing to say in my opinion) and I bet there were a lot of people who died from "occult" lymphomas because dentists, doctors and oncologists did not want to help them. 

"The excess mortality was almost entirely related to deaths from cancer." Causes of Death Among Patients With ChronicFatigue Syndrome

"The three most prevalent causes of death were heart failure, suicide, and cancer, which accounted for 59.6% of all deaths. The mean age of those who died from cancer and suicide was 47.8 and 39.3 years, respectively, which is considerably younger than those who died from cancer and suicide in the general population." ~  


Clinical Trial:

Contact Allergies to Dental Metal as a Possible Risk Factor for Oral Cancer

Here is an x-ray of my jawbone taken nine months prior to seeing Dr. Keefe, on 6/19/1999. 

There was a large lytic lesion with root resorption around one of the oldest nickel posts in my teeth (tooth #28, the first mandibular molar) from a bridge that was placed there about 10-15 years prior, and it appears to be implanted directly into the bone, rather than into one of the roots of the tooth.

Perhaps Dr. Keefe should have talked to my regular dentist and looked at his x-rays before making the assumption that I was some kind of low-life who needed to be punished and tortured with a contraindicated nickel-beryllium post:

And while she never did ask who my regular dentist was or ask to see his x-rays, she did have access to my dental history at UConn, which means she should have been able to see that I presented to UConn Dental Clinics with pain in tooth #28 on 4/4/96. 

They took three x-rays of the tooth, and there was nothing wrong with it. It did not require endodontic treatment. The pain (which was chronic in that tooth for many years), was most likely due to the nickel post in the bone and my nickel allergy. 

It also means that Dr. Keefe should have known that the bone lesion surrounding tooth #28 in the x-ray that she took was an early cancerous lesion. She could have at least asked me when the tooth was pulled:

It also shows that I did go to UConn dental clinics on 11/06/02, after being referred to them by Dr. Keefe, for a full mouth series of x-rays and they did not disclose to me the cancer underneath the bridge that Dr. Keefe had placed. Instead, they covered for her. 

Here are notes from my Sleep Medicine doctor shortly before I visited UConn on 11/06/02:


Granuloma in lung . . . or beryllium poisoning


Update 2/26/2015:

Had surgery to remove swollen posterior cervical lymph node today. Surgeon said it was a "cystic lymph node." No central punctum, so can't possibly be an epidermoid cyst. 

[Uncommon cystic appearance of lymph nodes in malignant lymphoma]. 

Other potential causes of cystic lymph nodes:

Mechanisms of cyst formation in metastatic lymph nodes of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

Occupational exposure to radiation/radioactive materials (OR = 2.4; 95% CI = 1.0-5.4) and nickel compounds/alloys (OR = 6.0; 95% CI = 1.6-22.0), as well as employment in the rubber industry (OR = 7.0; 95% CI = 0.80-60.3), increased risk. In men, current smoking (OR = 2.1; 95% CI = 0.98-4.7) and heavy alcohol consumption (OR = 2.5; 95% CI = 1.1-5.7) were associated with risk, but these factors were not strongly related to salivary gland cancer in women.  - Environmental facts and risk of salivary gland cancer.

Possible association between nickel and chromium and oral cancer: a case-control study in central Taiwan.

And lymphomas can also be found in the salivary glands.

The good news about MALT Lymphoma:

Malt Lymphoma : Fifty to 95% of cases achieve complete response (CR) with H. pylori treatment.

H pylori negative MALT lymphoma patients successfully treated with antibiotics: doubts about their pylori negativity

MALT lymphoma of nasal mucosa treated with antibiotics. 

"It is a slow-growing lymphoma and is often curable in its early stages." - Cancer.org

MALT lymphoma and Lyme Borrelia Burgdorferi

A case of follicular B-cell lymphoma treated using clarithromycin:
"Ishimatsu et al. [4] reported 2 cases of pulmonary MALT lymphoma successfully treated with low-dose, long-term CAM therapy (200 mg/day)"

Antibiotics directly induce apoptosis in B cell lymphoma cells derived from BALB/c mice.

Rituximab, a lymphoma drug, is currently in clinical trials for use in CFS patients. 

Until Rituximab is approved for CFS, Mebendazole (Vermox) may have a similar mechanism of action?

Non-Hodgkin's Lymhoma Reversal with Dichloroacetate:
Correcting mitochondrial dysfunction may be one of the major future pharmacological targets for treating many diseases, as many diseases’ mitochondrial dysfunction appears to be a common pathological denominator. Lactic acidosis is also seen as a complication in malaria indicating mitochondrial involvement, and more recently Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I will update this story more in a few months, as I need a few months to recover and get back on my feet. I will be using inhaled methyl jasmonate, DCA (inspired by the story of Tim McGough), Honokiol, and antibiotic treatment (which I ordered over the internet without a prescription) and all take three months to work.

I also just started taking Armour thyroid (45mg) and Prednisone (10mg) this year for Hashimoto's thyroiditis and secondary thyroid and adrenal insufficiency. Prednisone also kills lymphoma cells. My TSH level dropped dramatically last October, ranging from 0.02 to 0.07, (with normal T3 and T4 levels), and I'm working with an endocrinologist to get it back up to normal.

The TSH dropped soon after taking the FluMist nasal flu vaccine. I did not know there was possibly a lymphoma in my nasal turbinates because of falsified radiology reports by UConn and St. Francis Hospital, and live vaccines are contraindicated for use in cancer patients.

I am afraid I may have caused it to spread to my pituitary, as my pituitary is enlarged at 9mm (average size pituitary for a female my age is 5mm) and there are two bright spots on it that were not seen on the St. Francis MRI two years earlier. Pituitary mets would give me a very poor prognosis now.

Hopefully it is just related to years of untreated autoimmune endocrine abnormalities? I do think I may have one of the polyglandular autoimmune syndromes, as I have Hashimoto's, adrenal insufficiency, a pineal gland cyst, (pernicious?) anemia and parathyroid abnormalities. It may be an episode of lymphocytic hypophysitis, which can cause the pituitary to enlarge and then it goes back to normal size several months later. This MRI was taken after being on 40mg of Prednisone a day for two months:

(My localizer image)

(Normal localizer image. No bright spots on pituitary, no dark mandible)

Wish me luck.

"Whoever survives a test, whatever it may be, must tell the story. That is his duty."                                                                           - Elie Wiesel

But just in case . . .


An important note: The misdiagnosis of 'CFS' can also cause death. Every diagnosis of 'CFS' is a misdiagnosis. Many hundreds of thousands of patients have been misdiagnosed with 'CFS' and so denied an appropriate diagnosis and treatment. For some of these patients, this lack of appropriate care can lead to death. For example, cancer patients are sometimes misdiagnosed with 'CFS' instead of being given the cancer diagnosis and treatments they need, or these treatments are given far too late to save the persons' life. This fact is also only very rarely discussed, and never in the mainstream media.
The 'CFS' scam, the cover-up of the facts of M.E. and the widespread abuse of M.E. patients are ruining countless lives, and are also causing many needless deaths. It is important that the M.E. community (and the formerly 'CFS' misdiagnosed community) does what it can to highlight these deaths, in order to stop the same thing happening to others and so to make these often avoidable tragic deaths count for something. 
We would also like to pay tribute to those who have died, and to make sure these individuals are not forgotten.  At the very least, not by us.
From: M.E. deaths - The Hummingbirds' Foundation for M.E.


And check out this upcoming documentary about thyroid disease: 

The Very Beginning of Being Sick to Death!

"I realized how powerless I really was and became very angry. But between the moments of intense anger and sadness, there was lucidity. I had to understand how and why this happened to me – and to the millions of others – and help others to see it, so we can all change it together." 

It is the same with CFS/cancer/dental patients. We can learn to read our x-rays, MRIs and interpret our lab results, but we cannot get a cancer diagnosis without a doctor or dentist saying it may be cancer, and then we cannot get medical treatment without a biopsy.

We are completely powerless over the doctors and dentists who "don't wake up and go to work every day to help people" but rather, "get up and go to work everyday to make money."