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Dental Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


If you are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it might be a good idea to get copies of all of your dental x-rays and a list of all the metals used in your mouth. 

In addition to mercury toxicity - occult or hidden dental malignancies, and beryllium poisoning, may be other causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

How to avoid getting ripped off by the dentist"For a dentist who practices alone, there's usually no one looking over your shoulder. It's easy to take advantage of people. You're basically given a blank check."

The following is a true story:


WARNING: Contains some disturbing and upsetting images. However, I feel that I must include these images in order to tell my story because none of the abnormalities that can be seen in these images are listed in any of my medical or dental records, or radiology reports, and without including these images, well . . . it might be hard for you to believe my story. 


(Originally posted here in 2008: Diagnosing Dana: Exhibit 3, with new updates below):

On March 2, 2000, I was solicited to the dental office of Theresa F. Keefe, DMD, (a.k.a. Dr. Tracey Keefe) because she wanted to pay for my decorative painting services in her house, which she owned with her husband, hematologist/oncologist and anatomical pathologist Zia Rahman (St. Francis Hospital) by providing me with cosmetic dental care. 

Normally, I didn't like to barter as I was a single mother and needed cash to pay for rent and food, etc. I also had a dentist who I saw on a regular basis. However, I did need something to replace the missing teeth in my lower right mandible due to a recent extraction by my regular dentist, either a partial denture or some bridgework and my dental insurance did not cover bridgework, so I agreed to barter with her for dental services. 

During my first visit with her she took this x-ray of tooth #30 and the surrounding bone in my lower right mandible:

Now, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that there is something kind of wrong with this picture.

Unfortunately, Dr. Keefe never showed me this x-ray and never informed me that I had permeative, moth-eaten and ill-defined radiolucent lesions and root tip resorption in tooth #30, or that the extraction site from tooth #28, which was pulled by my regular dentist seven months prior due to complete resorption of the root (a sign of bone lymphoma, the tooth also had a nickel post in it), had not yet healed, as shown in this photograph of my jawbone, also taken by Dr. Keefe (and which was also never shown to me). 

The way she tricked me into obtaining this photo without my getting suspicious was by telling me that she was inspired by my interior decorative painting portfolio to start taking "before and after photographs" of her cosmetic dental work and start her own portfolio. She then took this "before" photograph . . . but curiously, never took an "after" photograph:

A case of oral non-Hodgkin's lymphoma presenting following a tooth extraction is reported. The clinical presentation was that of a periodontal lesion and an extraction socket that failed to heal.
"Swelling, ulcer, or discomfort may be present in the region of the lymphoma, or it may mimic a periapical pathology or a benign condition." - Diffuse Large B-cell lymphoma of mandible: A case report. 

Dr. Keefe then lied at least THREE TIMES in my dental records by specifically writing that my oral cancer exam was "within normal limits", that my bone x-rays were "within normal limits" and that I had no root tip abnormalities:

Unfortunately, I did not have access to the above x-ray until October 25, 2002, when I asked Dr. Keefe for copies of all of my dental records with her, or to the above photograph until August 24, 2004 (five years after tooth #28 was pulled), which I was only able to acquire through attorneys. 

I believe that she falsified my records in order to get $5000 worth of decorative painting services for her home. And for reasons far more nefarious. 

Had she told me the truth on March 2, 2000, I would have NEVER allowed Dr. Keefe (who has post-graduate training in dental oncology and head and neck cancer and is also a Clinical Professor of Dentistry at UConn Hospital) to place an allergenic, toxic and carcinogenic nickel-beryllium metal post into tooth #30 and a cosmetic dental bridge over a potentially cancerous non-healing ulcer in my jawbone and cover it up so that no other dentist or doctor  could see it.

You would think that with all her post-graduate training in oncology (she is not incompetent, and her husband was her oncology professor), she'd be the first person to recognize the signs of cancer, and the last person to sell you a carcinogenic nickel-beryllium bridge, right?

What is particularly evil about her concealing this ulcer in my jawbone is that:

"Primary bone lymphoma that has not spread to other areas of the body can be often cured. Using both chemo and radiation, 80-90% of individuals can achieve a cure." lymphoma.about.com
This is an x-ray she took during one of my cleanings with her, on December 2001, to check in and see how her bridgework was doing. I believe that she started scheduling me for regular cleanings in order to prevent me from going back to my regular dentist or to anyone else. Even though regular cleanings were covered by my dental insurance, which she did not take, I was happy to pay her $100 cleaning fee to support her business:

Notice the osteoclerosis (seen in bone lymphoma) and the widening of the periodontal ligament space next to where her custom-designed carcinogenic nickel-beryllium core cuts into my jawbone? Both signs of cancer

Also, the post in tooth #30 looks like it has caused the entire root to resorb now and the adjacent bone to turn black.

Beryllium can cause osteogenic sarcoma, and there was even a lump of reactive bone (reactive fibrosis is seen in bone lymphoma) that grew around Dr. Keefe's post and core. 

It can also cause berylliosis, an incurable lung disease, and a form of metal poisoning caused by the inhalation of beryllium dusts, vapors, or its compounds or implantation of the substance in the skin.:

"The onset of symptoms can range from weeks up to tens of years from the initial exposure. In some individuals a single exposure can cause berylliosis."
Health effects of beryllium

Beryllium is not an element that is crucial for humans; in fact it is one of the most toxic chemicals we know. It is a metal that can be very harmful when humans breathe it in, because it can damage the lungs and cause pneumonia.

The most commonly known effect of beryllium is called berylliosis, a dangerous and persistent lung disorder that can also damage other organs, such as the heart. In about 20% of all cases people die of this disease. Breathing in beryllium in the workplace is what causes berylliosis. People that have weakened immune systems are most susceptible to this disease.

Beryllium can also cause allergic reactions with people that are hypersensitive to this chemical. These reactions can be very heavy and they can even cause a person to be seriously ill, a condition known as Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD). The symptoms are weakness, tiredness and breathing problems. Some people that suffer from CBD will develop anorexia and blueness of hands and feet. Sometimes people can even be in such a serious condition that CBD can cause their death.

Next to causing berylliosis and CBD, beryllium can also increase the chances of cancer development and DNA damage.

It makes me wonder if these Chronic Fatigue Syndrome "clusters" that epidemiologists find are composed of individuals who all use the same dentist. One who increases his profits by using cheap "economy" nickel-beryllium alloys. 

Another source of beryllium exposure through dentistry is metal braces. So before you say, "Well I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but have never had any cosmetic crowns or metal posts put in my mouth" ask yourself if you have ever had metals braces placed on your teeth. 

Beryllium is also listed as 1 of 4 possible causes of reticulum cell sarcoma (bone lymphoma) on ToxNet:

Nickel causes bone lymphoma, aka reticulum cell sarcoma, aka histiocytic lymphoma, a lymphoma of the connective tissue, and I was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder (positive ANA titer, 1:640, speckled) soon after this bridge was installed. 
Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms in Metal Carcinogenesis and Cocarcinogenesis: Nickel, Arsenic and Chromium
Metallic Implant-Associated Lymphoma
Increases in sarcoma and lymphomas with bone involvement due to metallic implants containing high levels of nickel.  
Metals (nickel, chromium) as a risk factor for lymphoma.  (Lymphomation.org)
Heavy metal (monoclonal) bands: A link between cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and contact allergy to potassium dichromate, nickel and cobalt?

Beryllium also has toxic effects on the hypothalamus and on calcium and bone metabolism, and after the installation of her crowns and bridgework, I began to have multiple endocrine problems and high ionized calcium levels. 
There is evidence cited by the EPA that beryllium may cause cancer when an individual is regularly exposed during his/her lifetime above the EPA defined exposure limits. In addition, the New Jersey Department of Health states that beryllium can cause lung and bone cancer in humans and has definitely been shown to cause these cancers in laboratory animals.

On July 24, 2002, I visited her at her office to complain of pain and swelling underneath the bridge and increased symptoms of fatigue. I was very concerned that the bridge might be causing me bone cancer. She told me that she could not see any swelling, that bone growth was a good thing, and encouraged me to look for other causes of my fatigue. She also encouraged me to leave the bridge in because "it looks so good."

On August 23, 2002, in another attempt to get her to help me, I emailed this letter to her:

"Recent studies have identified low levels of C3 and C4 as markers of unfavorable outcome, such as lymphoma, severe disease magnifiestations and premature death." - The Complement System in System Autoimmune Disease

Please note that she also stated in her original examination record that my attitude was good and all of my doctors have always stated that I had a very pleasant personality and things of that nature. 

I have always greatly admired the medical profession and always been a huge lover of science. I was never a difficult patient and you can see my attempts above to work with her as a partner in my dental care. 

So she agreed to meet me at her office on September 2, 2002 to discuss, as long as I did not bring my new husband, whom she was afraid of for some reason, and then she very coldly refused to remove these allergens and carcinogens from my mouth unless I paid her another $3500 for a replacement bridge. 

She told me to stop reading things posted by all of those "whackos on the internet" who think that nickel and mercury are toxic and that their dental metals are making them sick. She assured me that she was my friend, and that she would never do anything to hurt me. 

When I asked her why I was having so many horrible symptoms, she snidely replied "I don't know. Maybe you are just a sickly girl."

After repeated requests for a list of all the metals she placed in my mouth, she finally sent me a letter in February informing me that the alloy she used to fabricate my bridge and post and core was called Unitbond. 

I then called Jensen Industries, the manufacturer of Unitbond, and they told me that Unitbond was contraindicated for use in posts and cores.

Why? Because the MSDS for the 78% nickel with beryllium alloy (Unitbond) used in my mouth by Dr. Keefe warned that it was toxic and caused tumors and fatigue

This was the technical detail and warning posted on Jensen Industries website regarding Unitbond:

And here are portions of the MSDS for Unitbond:

According to the Learned Intermediary Doctrine, health care practitioners are bound by law to pass along manufacturer warnings to patients. Dr. Keefe never passed along any of these warnings to me. 

Unitbond was removed from the market shortly after my phone call to Jensen Industries.. Good. At least she can't use this alloy anymore and hurt other people. 

I then obtained this letter from my allergist: 

"Heavy metals, such as iron, chromium and nickel, are the main constituents of foreign bodies found in cells. Occupational or incidental heavy exposure to many chemicals, including benzene, pesticides, ethylene oxide and metals (mercury, cadmium, chrome, cobalt, lead, aluminum) is very dangerous for the hematopoietic system. Mercury and chromium cause immunosuppression and evoke autoimmune reactions." ~ Intracellular heavy metal nanoparticle storage: progressive accumulation within lymph nodes with transformation from chronic inflammation to malignancy.
 Allergy related to dental implant and its clinical significance.

I also tested allergic to nickel, chromium, mercury, aluminum, and beryllium and other metals, but not gold and other high noble metals, by MELISA lymphocyte proliferation testing.

Still, after another request to remove the bridge and post and core, Dr. Keefe refused. 

When I mentioned that Unitbond was contraindicated for use in post and cores, she very coldly replied "But it is not illegal."

She then told me that I would never be able to prove that dental metals cause CFS or cancer, that no oral surgeon will ever biopsy my jawbone, and that I will never be able to prove I have cancer, implying that there was nothing in my jawbone to biopsy, there was nothing there, and that I was just crazy.

She also told me that no dentist will remove the bridge without my purchasing a replacement bridge, because I can't walk around with a big whole in my mouth. 

So I filed a suit in small claims court to get my money back for the bridge, so that I could have another dentist replace it and to assert my rights as a dental consumer. Also, I did not want to be a guinea pig for dental carcinogens. However, she then had her attorneys motion it over to the regular docket.

SMALL CLAIMS LAWSUIT transferred to regular docket by Dr. Keefe: Click here to see how difficult it is to get the carcinogens she places back out of your mouth.

Basically, in order to save herself $325 (mark-up on bridgework is 10-fold), after I already provided her a total of $5000 in decorative painting services (for a 4-unit bridge and two crowns, which also began to cause some swelling at my gumline by now, but the limit in small claims court was $3500 at this time, so I could not ask for a refund on the crowns as well), and just replace the bridge that I did not want in my mouth anymore, she decided to try to turn this whole ordeal into a medical malpractice case and make it a fight to the death to get that toxic nickel bridge and post out. 

(I honestly did not know at the time that medical malpractice cases are considered a fight to the death, but I would quickly find out.)

I called her attorneys and asked them to please settle this out of court for $3265, so that I could just get the bridge out, get a replacement bridge and just move on with my life. 

I thought they'd understand and be nice and just settle. 

But they refused. 

And then I thought, "Okay, well, maybe her lawyers think I deserve more . . ." After all, lawyers are supposed to be about justice, right? 

So I talked with a few attorneys and one of them advised me that as a Breach of Contract claim (as well as a Failure to Obtain Informed Consent claim for not informing me that I had a potentially cancerous lesion under the bridge work and not giving me the opportunity to get a second opinion about her "within normal limits" diagnoses and her toxic metal treatment plan), I had a duty to mitigate damages. This meant, getting the bridge out and finding out what was underneath the bridge and getting it treated. 

He then helped me get the requisite expert opinion I would need to proceed in civil court:

Dr. Breiner had also told me, on the phone, in previous discussions with him a couple of months earlier, that the tooth that Dr. Keefe placed the toxic metal post into was no good (I had sent him copies of her x-rays). He also advised me to get to an oral surgeon immediately.

Shortly after we got this expert affidavit, this attorney's office was broken into and many boxes of legal records were stolen, which really spooked him, so he told me that he would not be able to help me with my case at this time. But he did instruct me on how to file the expert affidavit with the court, which I did.

He also told me to read Dr. Breiner's expert opinion very carefully . . . "all the other metals (i.e., beryllium, chromium ), evidently exceeded her threshold for toxins . . . " 

Wikipedia's List of IARC Group I carcinogens includes beryllium, chromium and nickel.

Another attorney helped me conform my Complaint to the civil docket. I happened to be painting a new bathroom addition off the master bedroom in his home, and on the day before the revised Complaint was due in civil court, he told me that he wanted more veining in the marble. So I agreed to provide him with a couple more days spent on veining in exchange for conforming the Complaint for me. He was able to do so by talking into his dictation device, in about 15 minutes. I was impressed. His office faxed over the Complaint to Hartford Superior Court within an hour of closing the next day.

It was conformed as a Breach of Contract claim for failing to put a bridge in my mouth that would be in a good and safe condition for use in my mouth and not cause adverse health affects. 

It was also a Failure to Obtain Informed Consent claim for not disclosing all of the contents of the procedure (including a bad tooth, bone lesions and an ulcer that was concealed by the bridge) and informing me of the risks involved in undergoing the procedure, including death. 

Because the name of his law firm was on the fax stamp on the top of the Complaint, Dr. Keefe's attorney's must have figured out who it was that helped me conform the Complaint, because he came home the next day while I was painting, all upset, and told me that "it was an accident, she didn't mean to do it."

Oh, she "accidentally" put a contraindicated carcinogenic alloy into a tooth that was no good? 

I asked him if he knew Dr. Keefe.

Never saw her before in his life, he replied.

Well, you should go meet her. Talk to her. Ask her what she thinks of cancer patients and what she thinks causes cancer. Ask her what kind of families she thinks children with leukemia come from. 

Go talk to her, and then tell me if you would let your wife or children go to her. 

He then told me that I also had a lawsuit against UConn. 

Why? I asked. What did they do?

They have no control over what a dentist puts in my mouth. A dental device is a prescription device that must be prescribed by a dentist. And dentists never share the contents of these prescriptions devices or our dental records with our doctors. 

Or do they?

Well, I would find out during discovery, he said.

This was this first indication I had that Dr. Keefe had indeed done something really bad to me, and it wasn't just my imagination that her dental treatment was making me sick. 

In the State of Connecticut, there is no criminal statute that covers doctors falsifying records. So they can lie to their patients all they want.

But they can not lie to lawyers under oath.

True, he said. 

But you are still going need experts.

Plaintiff has the Burden of Proof. 

Then I will call Dr. Keefe and all of my treating physicians at UConn as my expert witnesses. 

They can't lie under oath.


Getting the bridge out ended up being the easy part, as once I learned that the tooth was no good, I gave up on wanting a replacement bridge and simply had the bridge and tooth removed.

However, getting an oral surgeon, doctor or radiologist to tell me what was underneath the bridge and help me mitigate damages would prove to be the hard part.

Really hard.

For the next year, I could not even get an appointment with most local oral surgeons, they refused to see me for "legal reasons."

And the ones that did see me, and took my money, and told me that they could not see any lesions in my jawbone. 

I tried to tell some of them that I wanted to prove that nickel-beryllium alloys can cause cancer in the jawbone, to help other people. They'd say "Well, it's not going to be me. I don't want to be the one to prove that dental metals cause cancer!" 

Or took my money and tried to sell me $30,000 treatment plans, including implants into the jawbone, right into the lytic lesions!

I even made an appointment in Boston, MA, and was turned away when I arrived. The oral surgeon said that he could not see me, after driving all that way.

I was completely unaware at the time that there were highly unethical internet sites such as "Doctor's Know Us" (started by a group of US radiologists).
"It claimed it was "plaintiff information for doctors" and the point was to alert doctors about patients who filed lawsuits, so those doctors could avoid them." 
Have You Been Blacklisted, Blackballed or Denied Medical Care?

So now, despite my pleasant personality and good attitude, I had become a difficult patient, and blacklisted by oral surgeons, simply because I wanted to know what was underneath that bridge. 

Wouldn't you want to know??

One attorney told me that they were just going to drag this case out as long as they could.

I guess they were expecting I'd be dead before the case reached trial. 

And Dr. Keefe had dental, oncology and pathology connections that would make sure that my jawbone was never biopsied. 

Plus, her attorneys would be paid more the longer they dragged this out. They filed an excessive amount of motions and interrogatory questions, took four-day long depositions, and ordered me to be evaluated psychiatrically, during the five years that the case was in litigation. One attorney told me that Dr. Keefe's attorneys easily made $100,00 - $200,000 defending her. 


Immediately after filing my conformed Complaint, Dr. Keefe requested a jury trial. All malpractice cases filed in court are heard by a judge, unless one of the parties requests a jury trial. 

She knew that a judge cannot be manipulated the way a jury can. 

Plus, a judge, knowing that she falsified my dental records, would have decided the case in my favor. 


After having the bridge removed, my whole swollen jawbone deflated like a flat tire and I felt really, really sick. 

So I drove myself to the ER at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital and told them that I had a dental bridge removed, that my whole jawbone deflated and I felt like I was dying. 

Could I please get a biopsy of my jawbone?

Avram Berger, DSS was their hospital oral surgeon.

Then I sat there for what felt like an hour, while they called my doctors to discuss. That's what they do when you go to the ER, they call your doctors.

After talking to my doctors, the ER doctor came in, looking a little resigned and told me, "Well, your doctors are really messing with your head . . . " 

 The next thing I know, three security officers come in and put me in a wheelchair and bring me up to the Psych Ward.

Diagnosis: Delusional Disorder

An obvious and thoroughly disgusting attempt to discredit me during trial. 

The intake nurse asked me all kinds of questions and then said "Well, you answered all the questions right, and you are very coherent. You don't seem to be psychotic. Do you know why you were sent here?"

No. Why?

"Because you have a thought disorder. You think nickel is toxic."

Isn't it?

"Nickel is an essential element."

Straight out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 

I wish I had a film camera. 

She also deposed my treating psychologist after he filed this affidavit and tried to convince him that I was a delusional liar, that there were NO lesions in my jawbone, and warned him that he was about to testify against another "professional":

During four 8-hour depositions at her attorney's office she would show up in her gigantic gas guzzling black SUV with a "Support Our Troops" bumper sticker, wearing powerful dark clothing, sit across the table from me, and glare at me with extreme hatred and distain the entire time. 

I will post the portions of the deposition soon where I had to interrupt the questioning to tell her to please stop looking at me with so much evilness in her face. She didn't bat an eyelash and just continued to glare.

It made me wonder what she would have done if the roles were reversed here, and I was the one who put a contraindicated toxic and carcinogenic post into a bad tooth in her mouth. 

She never once showed any signs of remorse or empathy or apologized. 

UConn: The Killers (and Liars) in Our Midst:
So how do you recognize a sociopath if you happen to meet one in your daily life? Stout urges readers to practice what she calls "the rule of threes." One lie or broken promise or neglected responsibility may simply be a misunderstanding. Two may involve a serious mistake, but "three lies says you're dealing with a liar, and deceit is the linchpin of conscienceless behavior," Stout writes. "Do not give your money, your work, your secrets or your affection to a three-timer."

As we got close to trial, my dental expert called me to tell me that he had just received a call from Dr. Keefe's attorney informing him that they were going to put me up on the stand and make the jury think I was crazy.

I was then sent a notice by the defense attorneys that I was to be sent to their psychiatrist for a psychiatric evaluation. Because I had spent the last five years trying to get a biopsy of the jawbone and no oral surgeon would biopsy it, and the last time I saw a psychiatrist was when I was thrown into the Psych Ward after attempting to get a biopsy in the Emergency Room, I requested that the psychiatrist arrange for a biopsy of my jawbone and this was their response:

Well, she spent all that money having me evaluated by a psychiatrist, who found nothing wrong with me. 

And I realized then that she had "gaslighting" me all along:

Sociopaths frequently use gaslighting tactics. Sociopaths consistently transgress social mores, break laws, and exploit others, but typically, are also charming and convincing liars who consistently deny wrongdoing. Thus, some who have been victimized by sociopaths may doubt their perceptions.

She then disclosed that she intended to call Dr. Robert Baratz as an expert:

In addition, Baratz, along with the American Dental Association (for which he is a spokesperson), believes dental amalgams to be safe and their alleged adverse health effects unproven.

Well, the reason the "alleged" adverse health affects of dental alloys are unproven is because no oral surgeon will biopsy our jawbones to help us prove it.

These are the faces of Dr. Baratz and Dr. Keefe. The two dentists who were going to try to convince a jury that, despite manufacturer warnings, known carcinogenic and neurotoxic metals are completely safe when placed in the human mouth, and that I had a psychiatric history of "delusional disorder":

You be the judge. 

They also never claimed a contributory negligence defense:

Contributory negligence in common-law jurisdictions is generally a defense to a claim based on negligence, an action in tort. This principle is relevant to the determination of liability and is applicable when plaintiffs/claimants have, through their own negligence, contributed to the harm they suffered. 

Dr. Robert Baratz is also known to contribute to QuackWatch, and even after I was invited by the producers of The Dr. Oz Show to talk about mercury dental fillings on March 18, 2103, QuackWatch accused Dr. Oz of never taking a proper "history" of me before allowing me to appear on the show, though this article was later revised and the comment was removed. Perhaps Dr. Oz had informed them that they did take a proper "history" of me, as they found me via this blog:


This is a photo of the bridge that Dr. Keefe installed in my mouth:

It had a loose stainless steel post and core still attached, which means the bridge was broken the entire time it was in my mouth. I believe that this loose post and core was causing my respiratory problems, because that orange stuff under the core was leaking out into my mouth the whole time the bridge was in. 

Either that, or it is berylliosis, because I do also have a lung granuloma that was first appeared in 2002.

The 78% nickel with beryllium post and core installed by Dr. Keefe is on the right, and it is nasty looking. I was charged $265 for that piece of toxic metal. 

Removed June 5, 2003

This is what my jawbone looked like after the removal of Dr. Keefe's bridge and tooth #30.
Notice the two dark spots from toxic nickel and beryllium leaching out due to root resorption.
Root resorption is a sign of malignancy:

Photo taken October 2003

This is what my jawbone looked like in January 2004 after oral surgeon Avram Berger, DDS, sewed up the extraction site that failed to heal and removed the metal tattoos. There was thickening in the bone torus, which was removed but never properly biopsied. The mucosa is white and inflamed. There was no infection in my jawbone because I was never prescribed antibiotics by Dr. Berger. Dr. Berger assured me that this was what the normal healing process looked like after minor oral surgery. 

Lymphoma of bone is a gray-white fish-flesh like tumor that diffusely infiltrates the bone:

Photo taken January 16, 2004

This was the swelling in my jawbone and glands after the same very minor surgery:

Photo taken January 16, 2004

Dr. Avram Berger (who I later found out is a friend of Dr. Keefe's) then called my new PCP to tell her that I was delusional and that there was nothing in my jawbone. (He didn't know I had taken the above photographs):

I could not understand why Dr. Berger, who was in his 60s at the time, would just willfully sit back and watch a young woman in her 30s, with two young children, suffer like this. I would then later discover, through access to LexisNexis, that Dr. Avram Berger was sued a few years earlier by the two adult surviving children of a 50 year old Torrington woman who had died because he had failed to diagnose an oral cancer in her. So clearly, this is not the oral surgeon you want to go to if you think you may have an oral cancer. 

Panorex, April 2004:

Occlusal x-ray of the bone underneath Dr. Keefe's work, April 2004:

X-ray of lower right mandible, April 2004:

The above panorex and x-rays were taken at St. Raphael's Hospital in New Haven. They too refused to biopsy the jawbone, but did give me these copies and then sent me on my way with a "God Bless."


Here are some of my interrogatory responses in my lawsuit against Dr. Keefe:

The case was dismissed on the eve of trial, on a technicality. I did not have a trial attorney. I was a pro se litigant the entire time the case was in litigation, which was over five years.

Plus, a week before trial the defense filed a whooping FIFTEEN Motions in Limine, asking that all of my evidence be barred from being presented to the jury, and they knew I would not be able to respond in a week. If I didn't respond, their requests would be granted. 

Because it was dismissed on a technicality, it also means that I can reopen the case at any time. Which is why I have not been able to get a biopsy to this day.

THIS is the ring that I saw mentioned directly above:

And THIS is Dr. Thomas Manger's report. He doesn't have access to the MRI films? Of course he does, they were in the radiology department across the street from his office. That is where I was able to access them to post the picture above. If the MRI technician had never allowed me to look at the MRI scan, I don't think Dr. Manger would have ever told me there was something there. 

In hindsight, I think he knew exactly what it was and was covering for Dr. Keefe:

At the time though, unfortunately, I did believe it was an "artifact" because I completely trusted Dr. Keefe. 

I considered her to be a friend. Our children went to school together and we often went to Cub Scouts meetings together. We even painted our Pinewood Derby cars together at her house.

Well, I hope you like the living room, dining room and 2-story foyer I painted for you Dr. Keefe.

I worked really hard to make your home more beautiful and used only non-toxic materials.

I even found a big hole in one of your walls, behind a door, that you didn't even know was there, and fixed it for you. 

Had you not been happy with any of my work, I would have painted it over, for free

And if I had accidentally spilled paint all over your carpet, I would have called my insurance company and had them pay for the damages. 

Here are some before and after photos of the dining room:




I now know that that was a ring-enchancing lesion. That is what lymphoma looks like on MRI.

But when I told Dr. Manger  that my symptoms felt like I had lymphoma, and asked him if there was any chance the "artifact" could be cancer, he said "if it is cancer, it will make itself known."

What the heck was that supposed to mean? That early diagnosis of cancer is not possible with modern radiology?

After two years of pleading with him to help me figure out the cause of CFS, he eventually finally suggested I look into functional medicine, a form of medicine that addresses the underlying causes of disease, including genetics

That suggestion, along with that bright ring around my jawbone, which I thought at the time was metal artifact, lead me to start researching the affects of dental metals.

"A nearly five-fold significant increase in risk of narcolepsy was observed for jobs with exposure to heavy metals such as lead, mercury or arsenic, with a significant trend according to severity of illness from exposure." Environmental toxins and risk of narcolepsy among people with HLA DQB1*0602


And speaking of underlying causes of disease, nickel is also linked to breast cancer, another cancer that Dr. Keefe's husband treats: 

The role of cadmium and nickel in estrogen receptor signaling and breast cancer: metalloestrogens or not?

And the State of Connecticut has the highest per capita rate of breast cancer in the nation.

She did admit that beryllium can cause lung cancer, and lung cancer rates in women are also sky-rocketing. I think it is now the top cancer diagnosis in women.

So why does she use beryllium alloys when she knows it causes lung cancer? 


[INSERT experiences with more fraudulent dentists 2004 - 2008 here.]

While Dr. Breiner was an ethical holistic or biological dentist in my opinion, I had experiences with two other holistic dentists in 2004 and from 2006 - 2008, who were not so ethical.

Both experiences were attempts by me to obtain a biopsy of my lower right mandible, because no oral surgeon would biopsy my jawbone, to confirm my own suspicions of bone lymphoma and obtain real evidence-based medical treatment.

If Dr. Keefe is the ultimate Dental Bully (and she is), Dr, Leonard Kundel is the ultimate Dental Charmer: 

Dentists to Avoid – Dental Bullies & Charmers

I am the D.H. mentioned in the above case. Dr. Kundel deliberately misdiagnosed lesions in my jawbone as "osteomyelitis" and "benign cysts" in order to defraud me. 

He was even told that I had reticulum cell sarcoma and lymphoma by my PCP at the time - diagnosed radiographically - and still insisted that these were "benign cysts" that should be surgically removed for $1700 each. 

But when he informed me that he would be doing biopsies of the bone, I went ahead with the extractions.

And when I specifically instructed him not to decalcify the biopsy samples, as bone lymphoma biopsy samples cannot be decalcified. But he completely ignored my instructions and decalcified all bone biopsies in the maxilla and one biopsy in the mandible, despite paying him $17,500.00 to help me. 

Here is his biopsy report for the mandible:

Once again, he decalcified the biopsy sample. And he also took the biopsy from the wrong area, as he took it from he premolar area, which is the white area in this x-ray of my mandible (indicating healthy bone):

Having a biopsy that showed lymphoma would have gotten me the real medical treatment I was looking for.

Even a very popular alternative cancer cure site says:

Note:While this website rarely says anything favorable about chemotherapy and orthodox cancer treatments, to be fair to orthodox medicine, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is one of the extremely rare types of cancer which does respond fairly well to orthodox treatments.

On Fri, Jan 19, 2007 at 7:02 PM, Leonard Kundel leonardkundeldmd@yahoo.com wrote:

forget about those people. they live in a direfent reality, operate within diferent paradigm. you cant change them nor do you need to. just let them be.

On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 10:47 AM, Leonard Kundel wrote:

i am only working on myself.

On Wed, Apr 11, 2007 at 8:22 AM, Leonard Kundel wrote:

notion of changing the world, to me, is naive.

He told me that he bought a Harley Davidson with the money he made off of me, and then left me for dead. 

Primary bone lymphoma: treatment results and prognostic factors with long-term follow-up of 82 patients.

Only much later did I realize that holistic dentists send all of their biopsies to Jerry Bouquot, an out-of-state pathologist, to confirm their "benign" lesion and "osteomyelitis" diagnoses in order to justify their exorbitant fee, and that because he is an out-of-state pathologist, Dr. Bouquot is not allowed to diagnose cancer in Connecticut dental patients. 

He would not admit to any wrongdoing in the Connecticut case against him, because there is no criminal statute in Connecticut for falsifying medical or dental records in Connecticut. 

He did admit to wrongdoing in New York, because in New York, there is a criminal statute against falsifying records. Which is probably why he moved his practice from New York to Connecticut in the first place.



Looks like the "artifact" is still there. These are images from an MRI I had done at UCHC on 12/26/14. Again, none of these "artifacts" are listed on the radiology report. I was able view these images by downloading OsiriX to my home computer:

(Localizer image)

(Localizer image, lower left mandible, lesion directly underneath where Dr. Keefe placed two nickel-beryllium crowns on teeth 21 and 22 fifteen years ago.)

(T1 coronal post-contrast image: Looks like a tumor in ^ ^ the lower left jawbone now to me.   Lymphoma is low to intermediate signal on T1 images, gadolinium is bright. Gadolinium is a chemical compound given during MRI scans that highlights areas of inflammation. )

(I also have bright nasal turbinates on DWI MRI, which could be caused by lymphoma.)

"In the smaller volume lymphomas, there is a tendency to spread a a diffuse thin sheet of tumor along the walls of the nasal cavity to envelop the nasal turbinates." Radiological Imaging in Hematological Malignancies, 2004

If this is true, and it is, then the fatigue and headaches associated with CFS may be due to bright nasal turbinates (restricted diffusion) on DWI MRI, caused by small volume lymphomas, such as MALT, follicular and small bone lymphomas in the jawbone (which eMedicine says can be difficult to diagnose without a high index of suspicion, so I think these small volume jawbone lymphomas may be highly underdiagnosed by dentists, as they mimic infectious processes).

I don't know what the heck that ^ is, up in the brain, but it is probably being caused by the bright nasal turbinates. One radiologist just told me it is ethmoid air space interface. Maybe it is nothing, but to me, it looks like I will eventually just "fade to black."  

I did bring the top picture only to an oral surgeon last month, who looked at it and asked me why nobody biopsied this lesion 15 years ago. He then asked me to bring him the entire MRI CD the next day. After looking at it, he looked shaken, like he had seen a ghost. He then tried to tell me that these images were not mine because they did not have my name on them. I explained that DICOM images today don't have patient's names on them, but that my UCHC patient ID number (T00398783) is on them. He then told me that he was sorry but that there was nothing he could do for me now. And would not biopsy the jawbone. 

He then wrote in my records that he could not see any jawbone lesions.

And he is affiliated with St. Francis Hospital. 

With the exception of the top two localizer images above, the last four images are also seen in a brain scan I had at St. Francis Hospital on January 7, 2012, for intractable migraines, but the radiology report simply says "Normal brain MRI" and makes no mention of the above abnormalities. 

But don't forget, Dr. Keefe's husband is a hematologist-oncologist at St. Francis Hospital and I'm sure he is friendly with all of the radiologists there. 

And all you have to do is google "radiology fraud" to see how rampant it is. 

And it is pretty clear from the fact that it was a group of radiologists in the U.S. that started DoctorsKnow.Us, that radiologists work for the doctors who send them business, and not for the patients. 

So what's next Dr. Keefe? I know that your husband is also an anatomical pathologist, who trained at UConn Health Center. Is he going to get all the pathologists in Connecticut to falsify my pathology reports too? My autopsy report?

Your iniquity knows no bounds.


Also, I have been studying genetics this past year, including having completed MIT's Intro to Biology with Eric Lander, and have had my genome sequenced by 23andMe. 

Dr. Tracey Keefe told me that only "whackos" think their dental work is making them sick and that only people from the "lowest walks of life" get NHL. 

Well, I don't think that is true. 

After spending a whole year studying genetics and searching thru my genome, I discovered this

I have a very rare genotype, which is seen in 0% of the CEU (Western European ancestry) population, or rather, less than 0.9%. This means up to 9 out of 1000 people of Western European ancestry may have this genotype. 

I am homozygous A;A (T;T) for Rs1913474

So, if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and you feel that it may be linked to the dental metals in your mouth, it might be worth it to have your genome sequenced for $100 and check your genotype at this SNP as well:
Rs1913474: [PMID 18636124OA-icon.png] Polymorphisms in the estrogen receptor 1 and vitamin C and matrix metalloproteinase gene families are associated with susceptibility to lymphoma.

Mercury Exposure Increases Circulating Net Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 and MMP-9 Activities

New genetic mutations found for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
"Risk factors for NHL also include exposure to toxic chemicals including vinyl chloride, herbicides (including dioxins, i.e. Agent Orange), pesticides, hair dyes and heavy metals, as well as ingestion of certain prescription cytotoxic drugs" ~ Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Medical Disabilities Guide

"A population based case-control study of residents of Los Angeles County found that the risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma among women decreased with increased consumption of alcoholic beverages. The risk of NHL was 50% lower among those consuming five or more drinks per week than among those who abstained from alcohol." ~ Alcohol and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (Ahh, see, I quit drinking in the summer of 1992....)

“But in the back of my mind, I knew I was sick,” Karen says. “Of course I looked online at my symptoms, but I couldn’t really find anything. I’d had a lump under my jaw that had always been dismissed.” ~ Karen Allen Lymphoma Survivor

"The excess mortality was almost entirely related to deaths from cancer." Causes of Death Among Patients With ChronicFatigue Syndrome

"The three most prevalent causes of death were heart failure**, suicide, and cancer, which accounted for 59.6% of all deaths. The mean age of those who died from cancer and suicide was 47.8 and 39.3 years, respectively, which is considerably younger than those who died from cancer and suicide in the general population." ~ Causes of death among patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

New Clinical Trial:Contact Allergies to Dental Metal as a Possible Risk Factor for Oral Cancer

** In severe cases, berylliosis may lead to heart failure .


Here is an x-ray of my jawbone taken nine months prior to seeing Dr. Keefe, on 6/19/1999. 

There was a lytic lesion with root resorption around an old nickel (and beryllium?) post in my teeth (tooth #28, the first mandibular molar) from a bridge that was placed there about 10 - 15 years earlier by a cheap private dentist in Los Angeles, and it appears to be implanted directly into the bone, rather than into one of the roots of the tooth:

And while she never did ask who my regular dentist (from 1997 - 20000) was or ask to see his x-rays, she did have access to my dental history at UConn, which means she should have been able to see that I presented to UConn Dental Clinics with pain in tooth #28 on April 4, 1996. 

They took three x-rays of the tooth, and there was nothing wrong with it. It did not require additional endodontic treatment. 

It also means that Dr. Keefe should have known that the bone lesion surrounding tooth #28 in the x-ray that she took was an early cancerous lesion. She could have at least asked me when the tooth was pulled:

It also shows that I did go to UConn dental clinics on November 6, 2002, after being referred to them by Dr. Keefe to fix her mistake, for a full mouth series of x-rays and they did not disclose to me that there was anything underneath the bridge that Dr. Keefe had placed. 

Instead, they just told me that all they use is stainless steel, which contained nickel, so they could not help me. (I did not know the alloys used by Dr. Keefe were a high-content 78% nickel, plus beryllium, at this time.)

I would also later learn from them that Medicaid patients are never treated with nickel-beryllium alloys. This alloy is only used by private dentists on patients in order to maximize their profits because it is extremely cheap.

Here are notes from my Sleep Medicine doctor shortly before I visited UConn on November 6, 2002:

I was very fortunate however, in that I used my written request for the removal of all nickel and other allergenic alloys by my allergist to get my dental insurance (which was Medicaid at the time, so this was really huge . . . ) to pay for the removal and replacement of all nickel-beryllium crowns in my mouth with gold under non-aluminum porcelain in 2003 by a private dentist. 

I only had to pay out of pocket for one old upper left 4-unit bridge, which had some decay underneath it. 

Medicaid also paid for my amalgam removal in 2002, since I had proven I was allergic to elemental mercury by lymphocyte proliferation testing. I only had to pay $35 per tooth for the additional cost of composite fillings. 

Following the removal of all of these metals, the severe eczema on my knuckles, (this was misdiagnosed as Raynaud's syndrome by my UConn neurologist, and I talked a lot about Raynaud's syndrome in previous posts, but my new rheumatologist has told me, that based on how I described it - a crusty red rash on my knuckles that would frequently bleed - he told me that it was eczema and NOT Raynaud's syndrome) which I have had since I was 15, following a lot of amalgam fillings placed in my mouth, completely disappeared. 

And my ANA titer (which was 1:640) became negative. It has since gone back up though, but tends to be only 1:160 now. The eczema has never come back. 

And while UConn never tested my Hashimoto's titers despite low thyroid hormone levels and high ANA titer prior to amalgam removal in 2002, I have since been tested to have slightly elevated Hashimoto's titers. 

Removal of dental amalgam decreases anti-TPO and anti-Tg autoantibodies in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis.

While the removal of all these metals did not cure me of my CFS (Mark Breiner's report said that it would take a lot more than just the removal of the last six crowns placed by Dr. Keefe to restore my health) I do believe that the removal of all of these metals in 2002 and 2003 absolutely slowed the progression of my illnesses, and for that I am very grateful to the investigators at Doral Dental who believed me, despite not having the evidence yet that I was genetically predisposed to have adverse effects to all of these metals in my mouth, including an increased risk of lymphoma

It reminds me of how Kris Carr's very slow growing cancer (epithelioid hemangioendotheliomastopped growing once she removed the suspected cause, which was birth control pills

However, despite all of the healing work I did over the last twelve years, in order to mitigate damages (and I certainly did not want to die), including going to the gym every single day for five years straight for exercise and sauna, getting my vitamin D levels up from 11 to 80 thru sunshine, eating organic (though not a big believer in the anti-GMO thing, as I have studied genetics), drinking kefir, getting IV-C treatments, etc., and even getting all of the nickel-beryllium alloys out of my mouth, once your jawbone has been inoculated with these carcinogenic metals for four years, it is almost impossible to chelate them out, and if you are genetically inclined to develop lymphoma from toxic metals known to cause lymphoma, well, you will. 

The only prevention is to avoid these metals in the first place.


I truly believe that Dr. Keefe knew exactly what she was doing and that the Connecticut Department of Health Investigators were right when they said, "Well, she certainly did not try to help you." 

How anyone who calls themselves a Doctor could sit back and knowingly not want to relieve someone from suffering, but then add to their toxic burden and cause more harm and suffering, is beyond me. 

And then, to top it off, have her victims thrown into lock down mental facilities and tell her friends, family and doctors that her victims are delusional in order to manipulate a jury. 

I do not believe it was an "accident" at all on Dr. Keefe's part.  

And in fact, Dr. Keefe's defense attorney, Dana Lee, is the grandson of Manfred Bennington Lee. 

Ellery Queen is both a fictional character and a pseudonym used by two American cousins from BrooklynNew York—Daniel Nathan, alias Frederic Dannay (October 20, 1905 – September 3, 1982)[1] and Emanuel Benjamin Lepofsky, alias Manfred Bennington Lee (January 11, 1905 – April 3, 1971)[2]—to write, edit, and anthologize detective fiction.[3] The fictional Ellery Queen created by Dannay and Lee is a mystery writer and amateur detective who helps his father, a New York City police inspector, solve baffling murders.


As we sat on the benches in court, waiting to see the Judge Vanessa Bryant on the day she dismissed the case, without prejudice, Dr. Keefe's attorney told me that Dr. Keefe has offered to settle the case for $10,000 on the condition that I remove all my blog posts about her. I said I would on the condition that she helps me get treatment.

Her attorney said there is nothing that can be done to help me now.

I smelled more bullshit again. 

Even when bone lymphoma is advanced and diffuse, it is potentially curable:

Advanced diffuse histiocytic lymphoma, a potentially curable disease.

And as I mentioned above, Rituximab, which has very low toxicity, also puts bone lymphoma into remission. 

What he really meant to say was that by helping me now, Dr. Keefe would have to admit wrongdoing, and she was never going to do that. 

So I refused her offer.

Besides, it cost me $10,000 just to have an attorney sit with me during her marathon depositions, almost $20,000 to have bogus biopsies done, and many many years of pain and suffering that continues to this day due to all doctors covering for her. 

The attorney then told me that Dr. Keefe may sue me for libel (making false statements) on my blog and that the only reason she hasn't yet is because all I own is an old Volvo. 

I found it appalling that she still didn't even care about my life or wanting to help me after making a "mistake". 

That all she cared about was her own reputation and not being exposed. 

I told him to tell her to go ahead and sue me. 

Plaintiff has the Burden of Proof. 


Granuloma in lung . . . or beryllium poisoning

  • Exposure to beryllium
  • Positive blood test called BeLPT (beryllium lymphocyte proliferation test) that shows allergic sensitivity to beryllium
  • Granulomas in the lungs found with Lung biopsy —a sample of lung tissue is removed and tested

I'll probably never know. I can't get a biopsy in the State of Connecticut, remember? 
But I do have all of the above requirements for diagnosis otherwise. 

And a chest x-ray done the year before Dr. Keefe's beryllium alloy was put into a bad tooth and leached into my jawbone showed no calcifications/granulomas. Normal chest-x-ray. 

Based on my 2002 pulmonary testing results, I was diagnosed with COPD by St. Francis. COPD at 33 years old. Really? 


Update 2/26/2015:

Had surgery to remove very hard swollen posterior cervical lymph node today. 

I had called an ENT doctor out of the area three weeks earlier, away from Hartford, to take a look at this lump on the left side of my neck that had been there for a year. 

Since I could not get a biopsy of the jawbone, and I figured that this is what Dr. Manger meant when he said "if it is cancer it will make itself known", I thought maybe this would contain the evidence I needed to get treatment. 

I called the office at about 4:00 in the afternoon on February 9 and they were able to see me the next morning at 10:00 due to a cancellation because we had a snow storm that day. 

The ENT surgeon looked at it and said it was a "hard cystic lymph node." No central punctum, so can't possibly be an epidermoid cyst. 

I told him I was having night sweats and fatigue, and also mild anemia and secondary adrenal insufficiency (which I believe can be caused by lymphoma as the body tries to control the inflammation it causes). 

So he recommended removing it and finding out what it was. 

Causes of swollen posterior lymph nodes include lymphoma and head and neck carcinoma.

[Uncommon cystic appearance of lymph nodes in malignant lymphoma]. 
Other potential causes of cystic lymph nodes:
Mechanisms of cyst formation in metastatic lymph nodes of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
Risk factors that doctors are investigating as a cause of salivary gland cancer but have not proven include exposure to certain metals (nickel alloy dust).  cancer.net
Occupational exposure to radiation/radioactive materials (OR = 2.4; 95% CI = 1.0-5.4) and nickel compounds/alloys (OR = 6.0; 95% CI = 1.6-22.0), as well as employment in the rubber industry (OR = 7.0; 95% CI = 0.80-60.3), increased risk. In men, current smoking (OR = 2.1; 95% CI = 0.98-4.7) and heavy alcohol consumption (OR = 2.5; 95% CI = 1.1-5.7) were associated with risk, but these factors were not strongly related to salivary gland cancer in women.  - Environmental facts and risk of salivary gland cancer.
Possible association between nickel and chromium and oral cancer: a case-control study in central Taiwan.
Beryllium poisoningChronic beryllium disease is a systemic, granulomatous disease that primarily affects the lungs (Kriebel et al., 1988b). Non-caseating granulomas may also be observed in the skin, liver, spleen, lymph nodes, myocardium, skeletal muscles, kidney, bone, and salivary glands (Freiman and Hardy, 1970). Other symptoms of the disease include dyspnea, weight loss, chest pain, cough, arthralgias, and fatigue (Kriebel et al., 1988b).  
Beryllium-induced toxicity and its prevention by treatment with chelating agents.

Well . . . this should come as no surprise: 

When I went back for a follow-up visit on March 9, the ENT surgeon looked a little angry with me and told me that it was just an "epidermal inclusion cyst". 

I guess that in the month's time between the initial visit and the follow-up visit, he realized that I had tricked him into getting the evidence I needed to obtain treatment.

To confirm this suspicion, I brought copies of MRI images to him and showed him the jawbone pictures. He said it was normal bone.

I showed him the bright nasal turbinates and he said bright nasal turbinates were normal. 


I asked for a copy of the pathology report and he gave me one page as I walked out the door. 

When I got home, I realized that page 2 was missing, as was the microscopic description.

So I called the office and asked the secretary why page 2 was missing. She checked my file and said "Oh, yes, it is here, it says "microscopic description", I will send it out today."

10 days go by, nothing in the mail. I called again, and she insisted that she sent it.

Well, send me another, because it must have gotten lost in the mail.

When I finally received page 2, this is what I got:

So I called again to ask why there was no microscopic description, she told me that page 2 contained the microscopic description, and she told me that they can tell it is an epidermoid cyst just by looking at it!!


When I asked if I can have the cyst, or get slides or the block, to get a second opinion, she said no. That it has to be ordered thru a treating physician.

Well, it can also be ordered by an attorney. 

Until Rituximab is approved for CFS, Mebendazole (Vermox) may have a similar mechanism of action?

Repurposing Drugs in Oncology (ReDO)—mebendazole as an anti-cancer agent


Non-Hodgkin's Lymhoma Reversal with Dichloroacetate:
Correcting mitochondrial dysfunction may be one of the major future pharmacological targets for treating many diseases, as many diseases’ mitochondrial dysfunction appears to be a common pathological denominator. Lactic acidosis is also seen as a complication in malaria indicating mitochondrial involvement, and more recently Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


I will update this story soon, I need to do something to recover and get back on my feet.

I will be using inhaled methyl jasmonate and DCA (inspired by the story of Tim McGough whose lymphoma was put into remission with DCA after state-of-the art lymphoma treatments, including Rituximab, had failed him).

I also just started taking Armour thyroid (45mg) and Prednisone (10mg) this year for Hashimoto's thyroiditis and secondary thyroid and adrenal insufficiency. Prednisone also kills lymphoma cells. My TSH level dropped dramatically last October, ranging from 0.02 to 0.07, (with normal T3 and T4 levels), and I'm working with an endocrinologist to get it back up to normal.

The TSH dropped soon after taking the FluMist nasal flu vaccine. I did not know there was possibly a thin sheet of lymphoma in my nasal turbinates because of some not entirely honest radiology reports by UConn and St. Francis Hospital, and live vaccines are contraindicated for use in cancer patients.

IF YOU HAVE CFS: I would NOT RECOMMEND FluMist at all!! Get the mercury-free injection instead.

I am afraid I may have caused it to spread to my pituitary? as my pituitary is enlarged at 9mm (average size pituitary for a female my age is 5mm) and there are two bright spots on it that were not seen on the St. Francis MRI two years earlier. 

There is also a pineal cyst. 

This MRI was taken after being on 40mg of Prednisone a day for two months (November and December 2014):

(My localizer image. Bright spots on pituitary, dark mandible.)

(Normal localizer image. No bright spots on pituitary, no dark mandible.)

Wish me luck.
"Whoever survives a test, whatever it may be, must tell the story. That is his duty."                                                                           - Elie Wiesel
But just in case . . .

An important note: The misdiagnosis of 'CFS' can also cause death. Every diagnosis of 'CFS' is a misdiagnosis. Many hundreds of thousands of patients have been misdiagnosed with 'CFS' and so denied an appropriate diagnosis and treatment. For some of these patients, this lack of appropriate care can lead to death. For example, cancer patients are sometimes misdiagnosed with 'CFS' instead of being given the cancer diagnosis and treatments they need, or these treatments are given far too late to save the persons' life. This fact is also only very rarely discussed, and never in the mainstream media.
The 'CFS' scam, the cover-up of the facts of M.E. and the widespread abuse of M.E. patients are ruining countless lives, and are also causing many needless deaths. It is important that the M.E. community (and the formerly 'CFS' misdiagnosed community) does what it can to highlight these deaths, in order to stop the same thing happening to others and so to make these often avoidable tragic deaths count for something. 
We would also like to pay tribute to those who have died, and to make sure these individuals are not forgotten.  At the very least, not by us.
From: M.E. deaths - The Hummingbirds' Foundation for M.E.


And check out this upcoming documentary about thyroid disease: 

The Very Beginning of Being Sick to Death!

"I realized how powerless I really was and became very angry. But between the moments of intense anger and sadness, there was lucidity. I had to understand how and why this happened to me – and to the millions of others – and help others to see it, so we can all change it together." 

It is the same with CFS/dental/cancer patients. We can learn to read our x-rays, MRIs and interpret our lab results, but we cannot get a cancer diagnosis without a dentist saying it may be cancer, and then we cannot get medical treatment without a biopsy performed by an oral surgeon!!


Here is an interesting bit of transcript from Dr. Keefe's deposition (thru her attorney) of my treating psychologist:

 20       Q    My question is:  Have any of your patients

         21    ever come in to you with such a specific diagnosis?

         22       A    Yes.

         23       Q    Okay.  How many?  We were talking about

         24    common, so, you know, I'm trying to get a sense.

         25       A    I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of


          1    clients.  How many clients have come in wondering

          2    if they have a specific diagnosis?

          3       Q    Right.  It's happened before, I take it?

          4       A    It certainly has happened before.  I don't

          5    know if I'd be accurate saying 20 to 50 clients.

          6       Q    Sure.

          7       A    Something like that.

          8       Q    I don't want you to speculate.

          9                 Are there any pitfalls associated with

         10    a specific self-diagnosis like that?

         11       A    The pitfalls of a self-diagnosis could be

         12    if then the person engages in self-treatment that

         13    could be harmful.  That's one, one example.

         14       Q    Sure.  Any others?

         15       A    The pitfalls of a self-diagnosis?

         16       Q    Yeah.

         17       A    The primary pitfalls I think are that the

         18    client is thinking they're crazy or that they have

         19    a very severe illness and it causes them undo, you

         20    know, worry, and, so seeing someone like me, I

         21    could be reassuring and help them and reassure them

         22    that they can get better.

         23       Q    Now, when someone comes in like that, does

         24    it cause you any concern because they've come in

         25    with such a specific diagnosis?


          1       A    It didn't cause me a specific concern in

          2    this case.  It just makes me wonder, like, wow,

          3    this person is really on the ball, they've looked

          4    into things.


UPDATE: April 10, 2015:

Just got my thyroid results back, after just one month (4 weeks) on DCA/thiamine and inhaled methyl jasmonate (10 ml), and my TSH is now 0.42, so it is normal (ref. range 0.3 - 4.2)

Free T4 is 0.96 (low end of normal) and Total T3 is 100 (low end of normal). So it appears that maybe these anti-cancer treatments are working.

Still fatigued and sleepy, but definitely feeling some hope now.

Also, when I called MSKCC in NYC last week, to seek treatment, specifically Rituximab, they told me that I would need biopsy results. I explained to them why I was unable to obtain a biopsy in Connecticut . . . they said "It sounds like your dentists were extremely unethical."
un·eth·i·calˌənˈeTHək(ə)l/adjectivenot morally correct.
"it is unethical to torment any creature for entertainment"


immoral, amoral, unprincipled, unscrupulous, dishonorable, dishonest, wrong, deceitful, unconscionable, unfair, fraudulent, underhanded, wicked, evil, sneaky, corrupt;

Now that my TSH is normal, I have stopped taking the DCA/thiamine and methyl jasmonate, and have switched to 1000mg Honokiol 3x per day, for two weeks, and will see how that affects my health and my blood work next. 

Honokiol had efficacy as monotherapy in reducing microvessel count and tumor burden in mice, but in combination with docetaxol, showed a dramatic reduction in tumor volume, lytic disease of bone.

I have also ordered some Vermox and plan to add that in when it arrives (takes 10 days). I have read of people with CFS taking 100-200mg twice per day for three days, every two weeks, with a significant reduction in their fatigue. 

And like docetaxol (in the article linked just above), mebendazole targets Bcl-2. 

Mebendazole induces apoptosis via Bcl-2 inactivation in chemoresistant melanoma cells.

And this was an interesting find during my research: 


UPDATE April 27, 2015: New dental x-rays taken on April 24 confirms lytic lesions and osteosclerosis under teeth treated by Dr. Keefe 15 years earlier with 78% nickel + beryllium crowns. Onset to malignant bone lesions after exposure to nickel-beryllium alloys has a median onset of 10 years. 

Lytic and sclerotic bone surrounding teeth 21 and 22.

Teeth 21 and 22 to the right, which were restored by Dr. Keefe with cosmetic crowns containing 78% nickel + beryllium. You can see the black areas behind the teeth where the metal leached into my bone prior to having them removed and replaced with crowns containing high noble metals and gold underneath four years later. 

You can also see a red swollen area inbetween the four teeth and a big red swollen area behind and under teeth 21 and 22, along the jawbone. 

It's like deju vu all over again. 

Blood work by rheumatologist at St. Francis (a really good guy who started practicing at St. Francis a year after my lawsuit was dismissed, told me that he knows nothing about it) and   shows low kappa and lambda free light chains, which is diagnostic of bone marrow suppression.
Bone marrow suppression can be caused by the cancer itself or its treatments.
Blood-related cancers, such as leukemia or multiple myeloma, affect blood cells in the bone marrow. Lymphoma and some solid tumours can spread to the bone marrow and affect blood cell production.


I really do believe that the use of cheap nickel-beryllium dental alloys in patients who are genetically predisposed to develop lymphoma by exposure to these carcinogenic metals, is one of the primary causes of CFS. 

These tumors tend to remain occult in the jawbone and conventional dentists know they are caused by toxic metals, so will not diagnose them because they all use these cheap metals to increase their profits. 

It is the one cancer that doctors and dentist won't diagnose unless it "makes itself known" (grows really big and noticeable) because they all know it is caused by dentists. 

These alloys may be causes of other cancers too, such as lung cancer and breast cancer.

Holistic dentists, at least the holistic dentists who perform oral surgery services, will not diagnose them, because they cannot diagnose and treat jawbone cancers. They can only diagnose and treat dental infections, which is the differential diagnosis of bone lymphoma. So to them, every lesion in the jawbone is seen as "benign" osteomyelitis, and they make exorbitant amounts of money treating this osteomyelitis, treatment to them being extraction of teeth for $1000 per tooth. 

Please be an informed consumer when you have dental work done. Especially unnecessary cosmetic dental work. Insist that your dentist use only high-noble non-carcinogenic biocompatible metals, or better yet, metal-free restorations. 

Full-mouth x-rays are better than a panorex at detecting these lesions when they are early. 

Ask to see your x-rays and ask a lot of questions. 

Remember, you are paying them. Even if it is through dental insurance, or barter, you are still paying them

It should be your decision, not theirs, of what is placed permanently in your mouth. 

And you must understand that once you give your money to a dentist, it will be impossible to get it back. 

There are no refunds, no returns in dentistry. 

They will fight you to the death to keep your money. 

According to the Connecticut State Dental Association, everything Dr. Keefe did to me is "the standard of care" in dentistry in the State of Connecticut: 

What the Connecticut Dental Association is saying is that ALL dentists in my area, which at the time was the wealthy suburbs of Hartford, falsify their records and put cheap cancer causing metals into your mouth without your informed consent. 

It's how they pay for their big homes in Avon and their sailboats. 

And how they create future business for their spouses. 

"It is unfortunate that you haven't been agreeable to her generous offer."

Yeah, because if I didn't remove her carcinogens, I would surely die . . .

Dr. Merkelson had called me and said that they reviewed all of her records and that she kept better records than most dentists. 

Yeah, she even took a photograph of an ulcer in my jawbone that she never disclosed to me.

He then said "She could not have known . . . " but didn't finish the sentence.

Could not have known what? That a non-healing ulcer in the jawbone is a sign of cancer? She has post-graduate training in head and neck oncology.

That nickel-beryllium alloys cause cancer?

The MSDS for Unitbond, the alloy she says she uses in all of her patients, warns her that it does. 

And she most certainly saw that the alloy was causing cancer in her follow-up x-ray almost two years later, as there was sclerosis coming right off the metal. 

"You know that the before medicine became a business, the only rule was helping the patient."
Dr. Cox, Scrubs


The most recent x-ray and diagnosis of "lesions being present" was done by a dentist in a low-income area of Hartford, and I finally have a record of these lesions in my medical record.


Until the State of Connecticut criminalizes the falsification of medical and dental records, and removes rogue doctors and dentists from practicing medicine and dentistry, all health care in Connecticut should be considered a Buyer Beware Business.

A prescription for the rogue doctor: part I--begin with diagnosis.
A prescription for the rogue doctor: part II ready, aim, fire.

The Connecticut Department of Health knew that Dr. Keefe stole $5000 from me, falsified her records and "certainly did not try to help" me back in 2003 and they continue to let her practice today.

The same with Dr. Leonard Kundel, who stole almost $20,000 from me. 


Bill Tyra, father of a victim of medical malpractice, explains the impact of ignoring falsifying records. 

The Connecticut Center for Patient Safety presents real-life stories of medical negligence, its impact on family members, and the need to protect patients' rights and safety.