Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fermentation Class at Alchemy Juice Bar

Some pictures from a Fermentation Class at Alchemy Juice Bar:

Behind counter: Dawn Desilets Sulmasy (New Dawn Nutrition), Tess Bois (One World Acupuncture),
and Imani (Alchemy Juice Bar)

Making Kim Chi

Dawn shows us the Shiva

Making Kombucha

The next class scheduled at Alchemy will be on raw and fermented dairy, and will be taught by me.

I can't wait!!

There is so much going on in my life right now that I barely have time to blog . . . . and I attribute my improved health to fermented raw dairy. My migraines have disappeared, my adrenals are better, and I want to share my experiences with everyone now!!

So stay tuned!


Alchemy Juice Bar

New Dawn Nutrition

One World Acupuncture

Growing Green Events

The Magical Power of Fermented Foods

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Music: Peppe Voltarelli in NYC Concert Debut, November 11, 2009

Calabrian singer-songwriter Peppe Voltarelli in NYC Concert Debut Italo-Argentine Crooner Tony Vilar to make Rare Guest Appearance Montreal Italienne Marco Calliari Opens

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 @
(Le) Poisson Rouge
158 Bleeker St (@ Thompson St), New York, NY
Concert starts @ 10:00PM (Doors open @ 9:30PM)
Tickets: $15.00
Info: LePoissonRouge or (212) 505-3474
Tickets: LePoissonRouge or 866 55 TICKETS

Southern Italian singer-songwriter, composer and actor Peppe Voltarelli will make his New York City concert debut on Wednesday November 11, 2009 at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Born in Italy¹s Calabria region, the 40 year-old Voltarelli¹s work is a modern Italian¹s musical take on the diaspora of tight-knit Calabrian immigrant communities that continue to thrive throughout Europe and the Americas. At (Le) Poisson Rouge Voltarelli will offer a set drawn from his first solo album, 2007¹s ³Distratto ma perĂ²²(Distracted But However), a project which the Rome-based musician has supported with over 200 live shows in Italy and Europe, the results of which were released on his 2008 live album ³Duisburg, Nantes, Praga². This New York appearance is part of Pan-American tour which will see Voltarelli perform for the first time in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal.

New York filmgoers have already had the opportunity to see Peppe Voltarelli in a leading role in the 2006 mockumentary feature ³La Vera Leggenda di Tony Vilar² (The Real Legend of Tony Villar), which showed in official selection at the 2007 TriBeCa Film Festival. The semi-biographical plot follows the path of a contemporary Italian singer (Voltarelli), on the trail of a crooner from his Calabrian village (Vilar), who found fame and fortune in 1960¹s Argentina and eventually disappeared into anonymity in the Bronx¹s Italian community along Arthur Avenue. Directed by fellow Calabrian Giuseppe Gagliardi, ³La Vera Leggenda di Tony Vilar² will be screened on Tuesday November 10, 2009 at NYU¹s Casa Italiana as a preview to Wednesday¹s (Le) Poisson Rouge event. Voltarelli and Gagliardi previously collaborated on ³Doichlanda², a 2003 documentary about Italian immigration to Germany -- their ongoing music and film relationship producing numerous award winning video clips.

Peppe Voltarelli is a founding member of "Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti"(The Birth of the Heavy Clouds) one of Italy¹s seminal bands of the 1990¹s, whose style is a mix of rock and Calabrian folk traditions. Voltarelli¹s path as a touring musician has lead him to collaborations with other cutting edge Italian artists exploring similar mixes of old world and new world sounds, such as the German-born Italian raised Vinicio Capossela, Sicilian Roy Paci (Manu Chao) and Neopolitan Daniele Sepe. The Calabrian musician has twice been recognized in Italy¹s prestigious Tenco Prize event.

Voltarelli has also contributed music and text to Italy¹s theatrical stage with a 2001 work on the life of Domenico Modugno, the multiple Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter who penned one of the most well known Italian popular songs in the world, 1958¹s San Remo Festival winning "Nel blu dipinto di blu², more commonly known as "Volare". Along with the Florence-based Krypton troupe, Voltarelli composed the original music for "Roccu u Stortu" (Rocco the Crooked), the anti-war saga of a Calabrian soldier¹s desertion in WWI. An active pacifist, Voltarelli traveled to Iraq in 2003 to participate in a peace concert held in Bagdad¹s Palestine Hotel, an account of which can be seen in the documentary "Sotto il cielo di Baghdad" (Under the Baghdad Sky). Voltarelli is also a published author with a collection poetry and songs in Calabrian dialect with English translation.

The opening act for Peppe Voltarelli¹s (Le) Poisson Rouge date is the Montreal-based Italo-Canadian singer-songwriter Marco Calliari. The Calabrian-born, one time Latin American star, now based in New York, Tony Vilar will make a special guest appearance in Peppe Voltarelli¹s set.

Peppe Voltarelli Web Site

Peppe Voltarelli MySpace

Art & Culture: iItaly

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Music: Destiny Africa Children's Choir: USA Tour, Avon, Connecticut

Check out the amazing Destiny Africa Children's Choir, performing at Avon High School last night:

For more information, please visit:

Destiny Africa

Kampala Children

To make contributions, please visit:


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Internet Radio: Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PhD Nutrition, Discusses The Primal Diet

12:00 noon EST
9:00 am PST

Click HERE to listen!

Call-In Number: (646) 716 - 8138

Aajonus Vonderplanitz is a terminal cancer survivor (blood and bone cancer), who has outlived his medical death sentence by 41 years.

In 2002 he wrote the expert report that reversed Los Angeles' County's 38 year long ban on raw milk.

Recent article on Aajonus in The Bovine.

Ralph Moss article on Aajonus: From The Planets.

Aajonus' website.

I have Aajonus' book, The Recipe For Living Without Disease, and have been using this book for the past year to transition from a raw vegan diet to a raw omnivore diet. Recently I started fermenting my raw milk and this month was the first month in seven years that I have not had a brutal monthly migraine. So now I am working with local friends/artists/healers/raw foodists to kick it up a notch . . . . more on that later.

I will be listening to this for sure!
I may even call in . . . .

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Health Care: 2 James Arthur Ray Followers Die in Sweat Lodge, 19 Others Fall Ill

Huffington Post: James Ray Death Lodge

Huffington Post: Guru Says He's Being Tested By Sweat Lodge Deaths

DailyKos: Huffington Post Contributor James Arthur Ray Kills Two During Commission Of A Robbery

Huffington Post: James Arthur Ray: What Ever Happened To Personal Responsibility?

I have been taking a 30 minute sauna three times per week for the last five years. I started with 10 minutes and built up to 30 minutes slowly. A sauna is a very powerful detox tool. I became very ill the first time I took a 30 minute sauna. Not right away. But by the time I got home from the gym I was vomiting. I do not know what James Arthur Ray was thinking when he encouraged these people, some of whom may have never taken a sauna before, to stay in this sweat lodge, which was covered with plastic, for two hours.

I hope that in this case, James Arthur Ray will practice what he preaches and take personal responsibility for his part in this incident. I hope that he gives a full refund ($9,695 each) to all participants who were harmed while under his care and pays their medical bills (especially those who were uninsured). And I hope that he compensates the families of the participants who lost their lives. I hope that he does this voluntarily, and does not force these poor people into long, drawn-out and expensive legal battles where defense attorneys love to blame the victims.

I know how easy it is to fall for something like this . . . .

See how I was scammed out of $15K in one day here by holistic dentist Dr. Leonard Kundel. I woke up vomiting after a surgical procedure meant to excise and eradicate my osteolytic and destructive jawbone lesions, chronic fatigue syndrome and violent monthly migraines. It did not. I later learned that the reason I was vomiting was because I had very low oxygen saturation levels while under sedation. This is not good. This could lead to a heart attack during a surgery in which anesthesia or sedation is used. I was lucky, but it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or is even killed by a general dentist not properly trained or qualified to sedate and perform bone surgeries and biopsies on very ill patients.

Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus: How To Spot A Charlatan (excellent advice):
The Charlatans out there can rob us of more than our money, they also rob of us of our faith and trust in humanity. Let's not let that happen.

For today, there is still hope and real help is available, but please be careful where you go to find it.

Peace and Blessings!

May you be blessed with the powers of wisdom and discernment.

And here is the real danger in the "Health Care Freedom" movement (which I am an advocate of because I love natural medicine and don't ever want to be forced into a treatment I don't want), in which some unscrupulous holistic practitioners and sacrilegious New Age gurus charge exorbitant fees in exchange for giving you a choice:

The Associate Press (October 15, 2009): Sheriff Probes Sweat Lodge Death As Homicides:

Ray held a telephone conference call with many of the sweat ceremony participants on Wednesday, according to people on the call. A recording of the call was made and transcribed by one of the listeners, said McFeeley, who also listened in and provided the transcript to the AP.

During the call, Ray stressed the importance of eating healthy food, exercising, resting, meditation and surrounding themselves with "like-minded individuals."

"Remember all that we've learned and experienced and knowing by law of the universe that out of every apparent chaos comes a greater state of order, an order that never existed prior to the chaos," he said, after asking those on the conference call to imagine themselves standing in a prayer circle.

Ray said he used the call as a way to provide closure to those attending the retreat outside Sedona, according to the transcript. Bragman confirmed the telephone conference was held.

Ray stopped short of apologizing to participants for not being at the Angel Valley Retreat Center the morning after the deaths, saying "I hope you understand it certainly wasn't my wish not to be with you and bring you some kind of closure."

Rhodes said he had no comment on the conference call, but said detectives have the transcript.

Fewer than a dozen callers were identified in the transcript, all of whom praised Ray and described his intentions as "pure" and their experiences as "profound." Cassandra Yorgey, a Pennsylvania columnist who also listened in on the call, said some of the people who were injured at the retreat participated in the call but their comments weren't included in the transcript.

Participants whose comments were included expressed sympathy for the families of the victims but suggested that the deaths of Brown and Shore were by choice.

"It breaks my heart to know that the families are suffering," said one caller identified as Brent. "I think that the people that left, I do believe they made their own choices, whether on this level or the next, but I do feel really for the families."

McFeeley said the comments on the call solidify his belief that Ray is controlling the people involved in his self-help program.

"There were reasonable people at this event, and it shows the power one man can have when you combine physical and mental mistreatment," McFeeley said. "Everything in this retreat seems to have been taken too far, and those statements were hurtful to hear and probably more hurtful to communicate them to the family last night."

Be careful who you choose to trust.

Anyone who charges you an exorbitant and non-refundable fee upfront does not trust you.

James Arthur Ray of Interest in Homicide Investigation

Oprah Winfrey Should Apologize for Promoting Dangerous Fraud James Arthur Ray

UPDATE October 17: From The Associated Press:
3rd Person Dies in Arizona Sweat Lodge Ceremony Case

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Anti-Cancer Treatments: Maitake Mushrooms

It's autumn now, which means . . . . it's a good time to take a hike and gather up some maitake mushrooms!

Maitake mushrooms (a.k.a. "Hen of the Woods", beta-glucans, or Grifola frondosa) have very potent anti-cancer benefits.

Here in Connecticut, maitake can be found at the base of oak (and sometimes maple) trees from late August until late November.

Maitake mushrooms should be sauteed in butter or coconut oil (my preference), and never consumed raw.

They are absolutely delicious!!

If they are covered in the little honey button mushrooms you see above, those little mushrooms should be removed and boiled before sauteing or consuming (to remove toxins).

Anti-tumor effect of polysaccharide from Grifola frondosa (maitake) and its influence on immunological function:
When the polysaccharide from Grifola frondosa (PGF) was taken orally by S180 (sarcoma 180) bearing mice at the dosage of 50-150 mg/kg.d for 9 d, the inhibitory rate to S180 was 27.97%-38.46%. The PGF can also enhance thymus index, the ability of splenic lymphocyte proliferation and formation of antibody in splenic cells, and promote the production of IgM hemolysin significantly in S-180 bearing mice.
I have low IgM levels.

I am very grateful to live in an area of the world where these grow wild in the fall, as maitake mushrooms are very expensive.


Mushrooms That Fight Cancer and Boost the Immune System

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Refrigerator . . . .