Friday, December 22, 2006

Find the Celebrity in You

From my sister. Just for fun.

Ever wonder which celebrities you resemble most? Well, now there is an easy new way to find out:

Just click on the image above to enter the site, upload your photograph, and this site will show you the ten celebrities (out of 4,016 listed) that you resemble most.

In addition to the female celebrities above, according to the facial scanners at, I also looked like Ewan McGregor and Christian Slater.

Includes all kinds of celebrities: actors, authors, poets, artists, sports stars, musicians, philosophers, psychiatrists, scientists, and politians.

However, I still think that the celebrity I look the most like is my sister Stacy (see below) who, according to the site above, looks like a cross between Meg Ryan and....Alice Cooper ?!?!

And apparently her boyfriend Max resembles Fidel Castro! Click here to see his results!

If your results reveal any kind of resemblance to Benicio del Toro, please email me privately....

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