Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Consumer Activism: Seafood Mercury Warning

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Seafood Mercury Warning (comic) - Commentary by Mike Adams

Learn More:

See the video! Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas, at http://www.iaomt.org

See Pat Sullivan and Jigsaw Health at http://www.patsullivan.com

Also visit http://www.mercurypoisoned.com

Please . . . . boycott dentists who still place mercury and other known toxins and carcinogens (i.e., nickel, beryllium, aluminum, root canals) in our mouths! There are much safer alternatives available, but you must ask for them. So please do your research and don't get scammed.


5' Feet 2 Toes said...

I like your work! keep it going

Dana Herbert said...

Thanks 5' feet! I will!!