Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Imagine this . . . . . .

The formation of a new Third Party.

A new Moral and Political Revolution.

A new Exit Strategy that will end the war and stabilize Iraq without genocide and safely replace our troops immediately, and allow only the people – not the White House or Congress – to declare and end wars.

In addition to the major political theme, there are four other separate and totally different themes in the new Billy Jack film, woven into four major love stories just like in the original BILLY JACK, seen here:

A New Genre of Film combining fiction film with cinema verite, reality film, documentary and computer graphics, making it one of the more unusual Feature Films yet made.

For example … Remember Forrest Gump talking with President Kennedy? Imagine Billy Jack in a live heated debate with the real George Bush over whether Bush lied – and continues to lie – to sell the Iraq War.

Because America is “the only Nation founded for a Moral Purpose … the rights of every man, everywhere,” the film shows Mainstream America how to restore America to It’s Moral Purpose and make it once again the great moral superpower of the world … the “shining city on the hill.”

The new BILLY JACK sequel will be the first film to launch a multi-faceted Political, Sexual, Spiritual and Psychological Revolution.

Get your tickets here.

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Bob Hoeppner said...

Wow. Lots of info on their website. More than I have time to assimiliate right now.