Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Really BAD Art: Dog Starved to Death as "Art"

In 2007, an artist took a street dog, tied him with a short rope to a wall of an art gallery, and let him die slowly of starvation and thirst, as an "installation".

The prestigious CentroAmerican Biennial of Art has approved this cruelty as art, and the artist has been invited to repeat the "installation" at the 2008 Biennial.

Please sign the petition to prevent this brutality from being repeated.


Starving dogs being killed not an art form.


Brian K. Waldron said...

I suppose anything can qualify as "art", but cruelty is just plain mean, stupid, and utterly unjustifiable, regardless of how it is labeled. Do humans really need this kind of "art" to exist? For what purpose? So those of us who are trying to make the world a better place can feel disgusted to belong to the same species as the people who allowed and participated in this vile display of "art"? Well, thanks a whole lot for showing just how far the goals of human civilization have actually progressed. Good show!! Well, pardon me now. I am going to go throw up. Then I am going to try to get my vomit put on display as a work of "art". Oh my, isn't this just so exciting? I can't wait to tell my family and friends that I'm an artist.

Anonymous said...

People, in this world, anyone can, & will do anything to get their 15 mins of fame (& the quick buck that comes with), but i truly have more issues against the meat industry than this poor fool, that`s for sure.

Big King Rubbish said...

is anyone willing to fund my art project of killing this artist for art?

i'll do it