Thursday, May 1, 2008

Consumer Advocacy: Biofascism: Monsanto Scum

Video about a company that is ruining our world; it seems that no government cares to stop these fools:
Credits: The World According to Monsanto by French journalist and film maker Marie-Monique Robin.

Melody: Jojoushi

Monsanto's Harvest of Fear, Vanity Fair May 2008

Max Keiser story on Huffington Post, May 4, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Dana, dear, I am passionate about the same issues you bring up.

Please see my blog

Stacy said...

Woohoo! You go girl. The problem for Americans is that while if you ask them whether or not they would want to eat genetically modified foods, an overwhelming majority say they would not want to. But none realise that 90 percent of Americans are eating it right now because Monsanto and other GM corporations have essentially against the law for any supermarket or grocery store to let you know that a particular product is GM. In Europe, almost all genetically modified foods are banned and those that are allowed have to be clearly labeled as containing genetically modified ingredients. Monsanto is trying to have this over turned . . . saying it is unfair competition!

Switzerland holds many corporations that make genetically modified foods but in elections last year its citizens voted to ban the sale of them in their own country.

Anonymous said...

great piece. We deal with organic farmers in the area. where are you in CT?

Dana Herbert said...

Yes, in Connecticut. I just moved from New Hartford to Hartford.