Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Village Interviews: Carlos Soares

Dear Friends :

This Wednesday, June 4th at 7:30 PM, on my every-other-week shoestring cable show Famousx2, on Channel 67, I am re-airing the first of two half-hour programs of an interview I did with in 1997 with Argentinian poet Carlos Soares.

Carlos grew up in Entre Rios, where Ernesto "Che" Guevara grew up, and is of the same generation as El Commandante and knew some of Che's family. When he arrived in NYC in the late 1960s, full of resentment at the Yanqui imperialist, he immediately fell in love with NYC, the Village and its people and started to modify and develop his thinking. As an Italian-Jewish and Criollo-Spanish Argentinian, he felt at home on the heavily Italian-American and leftwing Jewish Carmine Street (where he lived) of that time and soon became involved with many interesting poets and activists, including the Young Lords, and others.

In this part, among other things, you will learn of his coming to NYC. You will also have a chance to see some shots of my late father with Carlos in the late Washington Square Park. If any of you know where or how Carlos is, we would very much like to know. My mom and I tried to find him in the Bay Area, where he was living for many years, in 2004 when we were there, but with no success, and we haven't heard from him in at least 8 years. We are concerned, so do let us know if you have information.

If you are in Manhattan and have access to Time Warner, you can see it this Wednesday at 7:30 PM (DST-that's NYC Daylight Savings Time) on channel 67. On the RCN system, that should be somewhere around Channel 85 or thereabouts these days.If you are outside of Manhattan, anywhere in the world, and you have a good high-speed connection on your computer, you can go to http://www.mnn.org and click on channel 67 to see it at the same time.

Sometimes MNN does screw up broadcasts, but usually its staff airs things without too many problems..... Be patient.


Jason Howard

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