Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great Art: Agneta Perrson Hats

Den skön Agneta Persson

Pia Sjolin, Agneta Persson, Dana Herbert

Handmade hats by Swedish designer Agneta Persson.

Available at Pia's and Janice's.

I love the basic black hat with the tassles (how cute are they?). Very simple and elegant, yet fun at the same time. You can tie them up in a bow, close to your head, or let them loose and they will hang half way down to your waist. It is called "The Propeller" . . . . just take a spin and you will see why.

I love the orange hat because it is pretty funky and also because it is the color of carrot juice, my favorite juiced drink.

I can also get really creative with the orange hat . . . . wear some thigh-high avocado green snow boots and wear my hair in pigtails . . . . lots and lots of possibilities there.

So . . . . I splurged. I bought them both today.

Winter is not so bad when you have some really great hats to go out in.

Tack så mycket Agneta!


Shandy Monte said...

I am a hat girl and I LOOOVE those hats!!

Dana Herbert said...

Agneta is going to be at Pia's gallery tomorrow if you want to come meet her.

Uma Thurman and Yoko Ono wear her hats!