Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cool Shopping Finds: Hand-Painted Sanita Clogs

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these hand-painted clogs by Sanita . . . .

On My Christmas Wish List!
(All four pair!)

View all hand-painted designs and purchase here.


John X said...

I want a pair with either a flame job, or a lot of little Austrian flags painted all over them.

Dana Herbert said...

You can create your own designs too.
What a great and fun idea this is.

stacy said...

@Dana - have you ever had a pair? are they comfortable? they definitely look cool

@john x - sounds like the French flag sneakers Sarko wore on his recent trip to New York

Dana Herbert said...

Nope, never had a pair.
I wear flops all summer long, but these would be ideal for me during the colder months!