Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coming Soon: Gluten

I've been so busy that I haven't posted much in the last two months at all ~ very unusual for me. I am on my way up to Massachusetts for vacation and will be back in about a week. Over the last two months I have been learning a lot about gluten intolerance and toxicity and have been gluten free now for one month (I was apparently consuming some "hidden" sources of gluten). So, I am very excited about sharing what I have learned and will be blogging again when I return . . .

I intend to start a whole new category for gluten as it effects so many bodily systems and organs.


Terry said...

I have been gluten free for maybe 2 years. I developed candida in my digestive system and gluten was one of the first things I gave up.

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debbiedoesraw aka grass fed momma said...

Hey Dana!
I have been grain free now for going on three years.. and I don't plan on bringing them back. I think it goes beyond gluten, it is the mold factors in storage, the pesticides to keep vermin out.. and the high carbs that will spike up insulin etc. I prefer my carbs to be in fruits veg and sweet potatoes or yams!
love ya

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