Friday, December 9, 2011

Health Update: Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder

My mixed connective tissue disease is back.
I recently had a positive ANA titer again. 1:640. Speckled.
Mixed connective tissue tissue disease could carry a high rate of malignancy. Ugh.
I am currently on a gluten-free (for over a year now).
But my night-sweats are back and my fatigue levels are up.
My Vitamin D levels are good (51 at last check) though.
I will try a strict paleo diet and check back in later.

I wonder if all that farmed salmon I ate this summer at the Market in Hartford (in the all you can eat $7 salad) had anything to do with my titer becoming positive again. Plus, I'd bet the salmon at Whole Foods salad bar is farmed as well. I've eaten salmon there too recently. I had no idea they vaccinated farmed salmon! Ew! And all of the vaccine toxins are stored in the fat of the fish, and you eat them.

Mixed Connective Tissue Disease: "A rheumatologist may suspect mixed connective tissue disease if a patient appears to have lupus, scleroderma, vasculitis, polymyositis, Sjögren's syndrome, lymphoma or viral pericarditis but also has symptoms of the other conditions as well."


Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

Dana, inlive in Farmington. I saw a post of yours from toix, yrs ago that you saw the dr in orange i am about to go seeing. I have lyme, banesiosis, and bartonella. Wuld like to ask you some questions. Wuod you mind emailing me or adding me on FB so we could chat?

Janet said...

I hope you get better. I know this is painful.

RandomDreamer said...

Night sweats are caused by Babesia a protozoal co-infection of Lyme Disease. There is another potential protozoan associated with tick or mosquito bites called Protomyxzoa. Protozoans invade red blood cells, and the lining of the gut. Anti-malaria drugs are used against those infections (Plaquenil & Azithromycin)

Babesiosis in Fairfield County, Connecticut

Jaw cavitations are caused by Bartonella, a bacterial co-infection of Lyme disease. It also causes: deep pain in long bones, pain at the bottom of the feet in the morning, pain at the roots of the teeth.

Regarding your lymphatic problems, you might also have microscopic filaria or other nematodes invading your lymphatic ducts and nodes.

If you take antihelminthics (de-wormers) with cream or flax oil that should help your lymphatic system. The lymphatics carry fat from the intestine - so the purpose of the cream or oil is to carry the antihelminthics to the nematodes.

By the way, If you have already been tested for Lyme Disease and your doctor told you that the test was negative, then you should get tested again by a specialist. Contact the Lyme Disease Support Group in your state to find a Lyme specialist, then get the Western Blot test from Igenex Laboratory. Also get tested for the immune status of your CD57 natural killer cells - a marker for fatigue related to Lyme Disease.

Do I have Babesia?

Tick-Borne Diseases: An Overview

Lots of Links for Lyme Disease

By the way, the changes to your diet that you described are probably appropriate whether for Lymphoma or Lyme Disease, except for raw milk. Milk might contain Lyme Disease spirochetes. It would be better to eat gouda cheese made from raw milk, or cottage cheese - you will get Vitamin K2 that way and lower your hypercalcemia.

Cottage Cheese & Flax Oil diet

Dana Herbert said...

yeah randomdreamer, they say the liver cysts and calcifications are likely caused by some kind of "granulomatous disease". i just had an abdominal mri today. we'll see. hope it wasn't from the raw milk. :(

Dana Herbert said...

i also have low IgM, which is associated with low immunity to infection

RandomDreamer said...

People can get Q fever (Coxiella burnetii) from contaminated milk. Chronic Coxiella can cause granulomas of the liver and endocarditis.