Friday, September 21, 2007

Consumer Activism: SHADOW OF THE SHOPTURE World Tour

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir
at the Highline Ballroom,
2PM Sunday Oct 7th,
431 West 16th Street
in New York City's lovely Meatpacking District.
Tickets are $10, $12 at the door.
Highline Ballroom

NEW YORK—Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir return to the Highline Ballroom after a summer of consumption-fighting in Kaua'i, Berlin, Reykjavik, Edinburgh, San Francisco and Burning Man. The tour comes after Reverend Billy's arrest for preaching the First Amendment in Union Square (in which the NYPD’s legal complaint is that they are the Reverend’s abused lovers).

Get video, audio and information about the Church here.

We are Living in the Shadow of the Shopture. Soon, we will be "Shoptured Up." Our children, sleeping in their little cribs, will be lifted straight up by corporate logos which hang over them posing as bouncy toys.

On Oct 7th, the Children's Magical Garden and the Children's Liberation Day-Care Center at PS 122 will be given "Fabulous Sainthood." These are holy and logo-free environments in the East Village, refuges from the Shopocalypse.

Later this fall the Rev and the Choir star in WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY? --produced by Morgan Spurlock (SUPERSIZE ME) and directed by Rob Van Alkemade. The Reverend's book of the same title is now in book stores. Please only buy this inspiring, funny book in an indy store, no Barnes and Nobles or Borders please.

The Church of Stop Shopping shows are directed by Savitri D. Reverend Billy is Bill Talen. The Choir Master is James Solomon Benn. The Musical Director is William Moses. Katrina Lewis is leader of the Not Buying It Band.

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