Friday, September 28, 2007

Film: SiCKO in Connecticut

From The New Haven Independent:
Move over, Michael Moore. New Haven has a filmmaker who has something she wants to say about the state of health care, in Connecticut.

Crystal Emery (pictured) is making a documentary about disparities in American health care. But, she says, "disparities" is a "bogus word, like a smoke screen. The fire is racism. But nobody wants to talk about that."

Emery met at the Arts Council Tuesday afternoon with a handful of people in yet another focus group leading up to a discussion Oct. 18 that will be filmed as part of her documentary about the sad state of health care in Connecticut. The project also includes following two families -- one black, one white -- as they maneuver through the complexities of the so-called "health care" system.


The forum on Oct. 18 will be an open discussion, a chance for people to express their feelings more than their policy prescriptions. Emery plans to pose six questions to participants. She asked for help in determining what they should be, especially the all-important first question to get people talking. [Maryann] Ott suggested, "Ask about a situation when they did not feel respected in a health care situation."

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