Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sebastian in the Morning: Professor Boyd Haley

Professor Boyd Haley, whom I had the great honor, privilege and pleasure of meeting at the Mercury Trials in New Britain in 2005, will be a guest on the Sebastian in the Morning radio show on WCCC 106.9 FM:

at 8:20 a.m.

Dr. Haley, a biochemist at the University of Kentucky and one of the world's top experts in mercury toxicity, will be talking about the dangers of mercury vapor from dental fillings and thimerosal in vaccines, and the link between mercury and Alzheimer's disease, autism, and now, possibly even cancer (especially oral cancer and breast cancer).

If you live outside of Connecticut, you can tune in to WCCC 106.9 FM and listen online.

If you would like to go on the air to discuss this topic, the call in number is 860-525-WCCC.


Dentistry and Alzheimer's

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

Watch Mercury Kill The Brain: Vaccines and Neurodegeneration

The Origins of Autism

Oral Cancer, Mercury and Periodontal Disease:
Mercury vapors in the mouth which spreads mercury to all points in the body, increased use of antibiotics, periodontal disease, inappropriate oral care, yeast and fungal overgrowth, and decreasing immune strength are all colliding and reinforcing each other in a downward spiral that leads to chronic diseases and cancer. Most people and even dentists are surprised to find out that more often than not this all starts out in the mouth.
Most of our cancer patients have
a lot of amalgam dental fillings.

Professor W. Kostler
President of Austrian Society of Oncology

Toxic Metals and Cancer: Carcinogenic Mercury Vapors Leach Endlessly and Profusely in Your Mouth : This just confirms, once again, how obsolete modern medicine is. The day you go to an oncologist's office and he or she asks you, after you have been diagnosed, if you have mercury fillings in your mouth, will be the day I will trust modern oncology once again. And if he recommends to take them out safely, then I will be impressed. By the way, there are oncologists nowadays who do these things. Just very few, though.

More Dr. Boyd Haley Links
Natural mercury detoxifiers:
Selenium/Brazil Nuts
Vitamins C and E

The Inhibition of Mercury Vapor Absorption by Alcohol


Mercury Toxicity Expert Boyd Haley on the Radio, by The Verigin Dental Health Group

UPDATE: See Episode Two, with Boyd Haley HERE.


Whole_Body_Healer said...

GREAT links Dana! Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated.
xoxo Michalene

Juhana Harju said...

Thanks for posting this, Dana. The heavy metal/cancer connection is especially interesting.

Dana Herbert said...

to me at 10:07 AM

the phones lit up like a switchboard!!!

Dana Herbert said...

Haley, Boyd E
to me at 11:28 AM

Thank you for the opportunity. This morning I got an email message with an attachment from the AAP where they now support total removal of thimerosal from all children’s vaccines. It was just public pressure that caused this, just as you arranged with Sebastian. Boyd

Dana Herbert said...

Boyd also mentioned on the air that the people who are most mercury toxic are the ones who cannot excrete mercury very well.

That would explain why I did not show ANY mercury at all in my non-challenged mercury urine test, and my levels did not go off the charts in my DMSA provoked urine test, despite having recently had my fillings removed without precautions. I don't excrete mercury very well!

Dana Herbert said...

No simple, easy, reliable test for mercury toxicity is available. While everyone excretes some mercury in urine, blood, and stool analysis, those with the highest toxicity may have the element so tightly bound in essential organs that little will be detected by the tests. It is better to rely on laboratory measures of other indirectly involved abnormalities such as mitochondrial dysfunction, high calcium levels, and low glutathione in urine, hair, and blood. Signs of mercury toxicity apparent in physical examination include dilated pupils, sweaty hands and feet, very brisk knee jerks, esotropia (an eye turn), rashes, and elevated heart rate.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/5lcdud

I definitely have an eye turn.

I also have high calcium levels and those persist, even six years after amalgam removal.