Friday, September 19, 2008

My Anti-Cancer Treatments: Cayenne Pepper

My saliva pH after eating a tomato with cayenne pepper today is
very alkaline at 7.4 -8.0 !
Yeess . . . .

Cayenne pepper and tomato are both alkalizing for the body, and we all know that cancer cannot survive or thrive in an alkaline environment.

Cayenne Pepper Kills Cancer Cells

Another Cayenne Pepper Kills Cancer Cells article.

Medicinal Use and Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Anti-Cancer Strategies That Work

Treatment - Cayenne Pepper
: Includes cayenne pepper as a treatment for chronic/hidden infections, raynaud's phenomenon, sinusitis, and as a preventative for stroke.

And cayenne pepper sprinkled over alkaline veggies is much yummier than baking soda paste in your mouth (yuck . . . .
ptooey . . . .).


boogieandjive said...

I've totally changed my diet reading all your recipes! It's awesome! I have had so many veggies and fruit. I'm getting too skinny though cuz I am not eating any red meat.

Will go buy some cayenne pepper now. I already eat about five tomatoes per day - - - that's France for you!

Dana Herbert said...

I am going to sprinkle cayenne pepper on EVERYTHING I eat from now on! Carry some in your purse!

And buy a juicer! Carrot juice is so yummy and very alkalizing. It contains a lot of calcium too, so you won't need to drink milk.

I love you and I miss you so much!

boogieandjive said...

Ah! I love you too! And miss you! Paris is gorgeous right now!!!! Come visit.

Bob Hoeppner said...

The vegetarian not getting enough protein should try quinoa, as it provides a pretty comprehensive protein. Also make sure to get enough B12.

My daughter and I have been eating a lot of salsa lately. Plenty of tomato, along with peppers, garlic and cilantro and such.

Dana Herbert said...

That salsa sounds good Bob!

And very alkalizing too!

Anonymous said...

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