Friday, January 9, 2009

A Few Things You Should Know About Cholesterol

If you or someone you know is on statin drugs or god forbid a doctor is recommending your child take statins it's possible you haven't gotten the whole story. Here is some alternative info on cholesterol.

Chris Masterjohn is completing his PhD in Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition at the University of Connecticut, a frequent research and content contributor to the Weston A Price Foundation and is the creator of the website: Cholesterol and Health

About Chris Masterjohn: Click on the link at the bottom right corner under ABOUT ME to read about Chris' experiences with veganism and vegetarianism.

Jerry Brunetti is an agronomist, eco agriculture consultant and frequent lecturer on nutrition and cancer treatment. Over 9 years ago he received word that without chemotherapy treatment he would be dead in as little as six months from advanced non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He opted not to travel that route and instead embarked on his own journey seeking advice, treatments, alternative protocols and hands-on care from a wide variety of sources. The result has been depth of understanding that is almost beyond compare, steady improvement in his own overall health and nothing short of a miraculous remission.
His website is: Agri-Dynamics

Jerry tells us that you cannot make vitamin D through your skin without cholesterol.

Hmm. When my vitamin D levels were very low (11 ng/mL), my total cholesterol was also very low at 119.

Statins, Low Cholesterol and Cancer

Cholesterol Plays Cancer-Prevention Role at Cellular Level

The Truth About Cholesterol and Fat

Serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and risk of non-hodgkin lymphoma:
High HDL-C was associated with lower risk of all NHL.

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