Friday, January 16, 2009

My Anti-Cancer Treatments: Green Juice

I drink at least two glasses of green juice per day. I drink even more in the summer. The greens I juice rotate randomly to include various combinations of organic broccoli, brussel sprouts, celery, kale, asparagus, and spinach. I add fresh ginger, granny smith apples and lemon (with the rind on, for anti-tumor d-limonene) to sweeten and flavor.

Green juices are very alkalizing and contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

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Shandy Monte said...

Love Green juice... and I cannot bleive today is the first day since I started juicing that I DIDn"t have one... I am just mentally and physically exahusted.

I have never thought to juice Asparagus??

How many ounces a day of green juice do you drink? I have been doing over 30 a day plus my carrot/apple/ginger juice.

Are you still doing the raw milk?

:) Shandy

Dana Herbert said...


How did it feel NOT having a green juice?

Are you keeping a food diary?? Green juices tend to make me a little sleepy for some reason. You think they'd be energizing.

I have about 16 oz. green juice per day. Up to 32 oz a day in the summer, and before I was doing the raw milk. I also drink cold unsweetened green tea every day and water with lemon in it when I sit in the sauna at the gym. I have to leave room for some food!

I am doing raw omnivore now, not raw vegan. Same diet as Carol Alt's.

I have Northern European and Celtic blood . . . . I need fats, especially in the winter.

So yep, still doing the raw milk. I am also taking colostrum, vegetable based probiotics and ashwaganda. You may want to google them, especially ashwaganda.

Shandy Monte said...


I have to tell you I have been CRAVING fish.. I have never been much of a meat eater... more chicken and turkey... But just cannot bring myself to eat it again... But I WANT fish... just worried about the Mercury.

I have been feeling very bad lately so my chiro who does muscle tested found that I had high levels of formaldehyde... Now how the heck did I get that?? Anyway I am now detoxing my liver to see if it helps... I wonder if it was from my years of smoking and it's not coming out of fat tissues???

SO raw omnivore... I give you credit Dana.!! You eat all the meat raw?? It is so confusing especially after the China Study.... My diet is terrible right now.. I just dont' want to eat or I am craving bad stuff... I just don't know what to do?? Even my chiro told me to eat lean meats and I told her noway.. so she said to make sure I eat nuts everyday for fats and protein.

when I drink my greens I sometimes feel energized... than again sometimes I don't feel a thing. But yesterday not having my green drink I felt like a zombie all day... don't know if that is the reason or because I am on a lot of herbs to kill off this infection. I started OIl of Oregano yesterday and WOW that stuff is STRONG!

I have to tell you, I defintley feel like I am lacking in my diet... I don't feel fulfilled. I just know I cannot eat meat and cannot eat fish every night of the week... SO I have been substituting with Rice pasta which I know is not good to eat everyday.

Ok this is longer than I wanted it to be!!! lol

Could you give me a brief discription of what you eat in a day?


Dana Herbert said...


I eat raw wild salmon with wasabi, sashimi style. And I have a few Brazil nuts with it, which are loaded with selenium, which binds with methylmercury in fish and eliminates it.

The biggest source of formaldehyde that I can think of is aspartame/NutraSweet.

Google aspartame poisoning and Dr. Russell Blaylock and maybe go on an aspartame detox diet for awhile?

I use stevia as a sweetener now.

Before I knew better, I preferred Sweet & Low (saccharin) to aspartame.

You know, the whole artificial sweetener thing would make a lot of sense to me . . . . look at all the young girls out there who want to stay thin and look like models.

Shandy Monte said...

I don't use any artifical sweeteners... I use Raw Honey and Stevia.. THAT said.. I DID used to drink MASSIVE amounts of diet Pepsi... Could this be coming out of fat tissues from past use?? I also used to smoke.. HEAVILY... am wondering if that has anything to do with it??

Can you eat cooked fish if you cannot eat it raw? Will it still be good for you?


Dana Herbert said...

Yes, THAT could still be in your fat tissue. The brain as a LOT of fat tissue in it. Same with the chemicals in cigarettes.

This is why my main focus is always on DETOX work. Sauna, steam room for the lungs, getting rid of all toxins, and not introducing new ones.

There are many healers who say that you simply cannot detoxify the fat cells on a vegan diet. That you NEED animal fats to do the really deep cleansing.

I think that cooked wild salmon/fish would be just as good for you . . . . just make sure to squeeze some lemon over it and take some selenium (brazil nuts)with it, and enjoy! Listen to your body and your cravings. Sounds like you are craving protein and omega 3's for the brain!

As far as my daily diet goes, I don't really have a set diet. I tend to follow my intuition and listen to my cravings that day.

I may try fasting in the early spring, when the weather gets consistently between 40 and 60 degrees. It is too cold for me to fast right now. And once it gets to be 65 degrees and warmer, I get very active outdoors . . . . so I will need to eat.

Dana Herbert said...

As far as eating raw meat, I take a parasite formula every day to be on the safe side. It has wormwood (artemesia), clove, gentian, quassia, oregano, barberry and grapefruit in it.

I also take ashwaganda (an anti-bacterial) and eat anti-bacterial foods such as lots of garlic, which does not kill off the good bacteria in the gut.

Shandy Monte said...

I also take Wormwood, It has Artemesia, Clove, Walnut hulls, and stephona root... I am going to look into that other herb you mention... I also take Oil of oregano,and Samento which I use as my primary natural antibiotic (it is a form of Cats Claw), I am on many different herbs right now.

I think your right that I am probably lacking protein and that is why I am craving fish.... I may have some for dinner tonight!!

I thought eating nuts, hemp seeds, and coconut oil would be enough fats and protien... maybe not enough.

My brain is where I am MOST infected... 90% of my symptom being debilitating neurological symptoms that had me bedridden for almost 2 years, and now I am having a hard time functioning with them even though I am not completely bedridden anymore, I am no where close to living a normal life. I also suffer with pain througout my body and heart palpitaions and fast heartrate which makes it hard to sleep when your heart is beating so fast and heavy.

I pray everyday that I can recover from this.

I am doing some things to detox... LivCo which is to detox my liver, epsom salt baths, and other herbs... and of course juicing... I also believe that detox is very important.. If I could handle a sauna I would go, but I have extreme heat sensitivty now and get super ill in the heat... Mind you I used to be a sun worshiper and NEVER had a problem with heat until this illness started. I Miss the sun..

So eating animal is only healthy if it is raw... is this correct??


Dana Herbert said...

Shandy, if I were you, I would eat some fish tonight and enjoy! I would take some extra selenium if I was worried about the mercury.

Eating meat raw makes it easier to digest, it is not necessarily the ONLY healthy way to eat meat, but I think it is the healthiest by far.

The main danger in eating raw animal products is parasites and salmonella. So I simply take enough (but not too much) herbs and garlic and such, to keep myself balanced. I am also taking colostrum to keep my immune system strong, as I tend to get low IgM levels and low C3 and C4 complement levels.

As far as the heat sensitivity thing goes, I had to start out very slowly in the sauna. Sauna detox removes toxins from your body without having to go through the liver. But it will mobilize toxins in your bloodstream and cause you to feel sick unless you build up very slowly. I did only 5-10 minutes at first, and would get headaches and throw up. Now I can go for a whole hour and feel nothing. But I have been doing it for over four years straight now. Four times a week.

I also started sunbathing in 2004, and I got a huge rash over my liver. It was not itchy, but it looked just like poison ivy. I think it was liver detox. I had been on a lot of pharmaceuticals at the time. This was when I realized that the sun can help detox too. The rash went away after the first sunbath, thank goodness, and I was able to resume my sunbathing without incident.

Dana Herbert said...

I think the best brain herb is ashwaganda.

It helps depression, anxiety, fatigue.

It even supports the growth of dendrites and has potent anti-tumor properties.

I will blog about it soon . . . .

Shandy Monte said...

I had Salmon tonight and it was so damn good!!! WOW I could eat that every night... It felt good to eat something with substance!!


Dana Herbert said...


Check this out . . . . FOOD AS MEDICINE (down in Australia) sent me the link to Jerry Brunetti's video:

I just finished watching part 1, I'll watch part 2 tomorrow.

I have a huge secret crush on Jerry now . . . .

Shandy Monte said...

Well I just realized what we ate was FARMED salmon and not wild... They didn't have wild at S&S.... We couldnt get up to wholefoods but I am sure they have it?

In any case it was delicious!! and I am eating it again tonight for dinner... hehe

We would like to try it how you eat it... So you just sear it and then keep the middle raw??

I have watched a video on Jerry... I will have to watch this one too...


Dana Herbert said...

Delete Comment From: Dana Herbert

Blogger Dana Herbert said...


Shaw's has wild salmon. And I'm certain that Wholefoods has it too.

I don't cook my salmon at all. I cut it up into strips and eat it sashimi style, with Eden organic tamari soy sauce and Eden wasabi powder mixed with a little water. It just melts in your mouth. If you take some selenium with it you will not get mercury poisoned. Brazil nuts are very high in selenium.

I sear my red meat, for now, until I can get used to it. I get cravings now for meat . . . . I must have been a lion in my past life . . . . so many people have told me that I look like a lioness . . . . . . . rarrrh . . . .

This Jerry video is 3-hours long. But all of his beliefs are identical to mine . . . . it's like listening to myself think out loud! He even did the same thing I did and asked his doctors for MSDS sheets!

Dana Herbert said...

See the resemblance Shandy?

Baby me:

Baby lion cub:


Shandy Monte said...

awwww thats too cute!!! :)

Mike @TheIronYou said...

I drink one green juice a day but without apple and instead I use cucumber because of the high content of silica in its skin...however I have to confess that at times I find it very hard to drink it, especially when I use a lot of kale!

Mike @TheIronYou