Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Pergola Challenge: Progress Photos #1

My pergola:
My friend Chris Monroe's pergola:
The top photo is what my pergola looks like right now.

The bottom photo is what my friend Chris Monroe's pergola looks like in the summer.

Isn't it gorgeous??

I am so inspired by Chris' photograph, that I went to the local garden shop yesterday and bought seed starter and seeds : tomato (which I have to start soon), cucumber, cilantro, parsley, and lavender, dug out all of my terra cotta pots out of the basement, purchased a bunch of those upside down veggie planters, and am going to challenge myself to make my pergola look as magical as Chris' does in the summertime!

Tips are appreciated.

Wish me luck!

And stay tuned for updates . . . .


Toni said...

That is so funny. I just did the same thing last week.. I have my seeds and soil, just need to get motivated to plant everything in the pots. I would LOVE to do a pergola in my back patio. Very inspiring

Dana Herbert said...

Hi Toni,

This is my first attempt at growing my own veggies. I know that only the tomatoes need to be started now, indoors. Everything else can be started mid-May.

Pergolas can be built free-standing, like mine, or attached to your house, like Chris'.

There are all kinds of websites on the internet that show you how to build your own pergola!

And of course, I'd be happy to to learn with you this summer . . . . let's exchange ideas as we go along!

Chris has suggested honeysuckle, trumpet vine and morning glories for pergolas.

And as far as the veggies go, I am also going to plant some veggies directly into the ground and do some potted herbs, probably in window boxes and terra cotta pots.

stacy said...

were you able to find any seeds that are allowed to reproduce? i read somewhere that it is almost impossible to find anything but the so-called 'terminator' seeds . . . ?

Shandy Monte said...

Last summer me and my fiance decided we would like to have a small veggie garden... I have to say it was pretty cool. I am going to try it again this year!!


Dana Herbert said...

Stacy, 'terminator seeds', ugh . . . .

Shandy, what did you grow last year? What are you going to grow this year?

My Nana just bought me ten Lily of the Valley bulbs.