Monday, June 1, 2009

Village Interviews: Tuli Kupferberg

JUNE 3, 2009
7:30 PM
MNN (Click on Channel 67)

Dear Friends:

Attention Fugs Fans!

The following can be viewed on any high-speed computer anywhere or on TV in Manhattan:

This Wednesday, June 3 at 7:30 PM, on channel 67 on my shoestring cable show, Famousx2, I am re-airing the third of three 29-minute programs of interviews I did with Tuli Kupferberg, peace activist, weirdo cartoonist and poet and songwriter and singer with the Fugs, in 1999 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

This is one of my favorite episodes of my program. In his apartment with streaming through his Soho apartment window onto his face, Tuli talks about his famous Fugs' songs "Morning" (a mournful masterpiece written at the end of a love affair), "Nothing", "CIA Man" and "I'm Doin' Alright". He discusses what he thinks about the current state of politics and technology and about the demise of the Village and Soho. He displays the "non-achievement award" given to him by his associates in the Unbearables poetry group. Then, on Spring Street, we observe Tuli selling, at X-mas time 1999, bootleg tapes of the Fugs, his hilarious cartoons and other bizarre items. Nobody walking by seems to know who he is. Serendipitously, while complaining about the cops, he is confronted by one. You really should try to catch this funny episode.

Warning: Tuli mumbles his words in some parts, so you will have to crank up the volume during those sections.

If you are in Manhattan and have access to Time Warner, you can see it this Wednesday at 7:30 PM (DST-that's NYC Daylight Savings Time) on channel 67. On the RCN system, that should be channel 85 or near it.

If you are outside of Manhattan, anywhere in the world, and you have a good high-speed connection on your computer, you can go to MNN: What's On Now or to MNN and click on channel 67 to see it at the same time.

Sometimes MNN does screw up broadcasts, but usually they air things without too many problems.....Be patient.


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Thelma said...

This show has been posted in three parts on YouTube on Tuli's YouTube channel tulifuli. Search for tulifuli on YouTube or Tuli Kupferberg. Check it out.