Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fermentation Class at Alchemy Juice Bar

Some pictures from a Fermentation Class at Alchemy Juice Bar:

Behind counter: Dawn Desilets Sulmasy (New Dawn Nutrition), Tess Bois (One World Acupuncture),
and Imani (Alchemy Juice Bar)

Making Kim Chi

Dawn shows us the Shiva

Making Kombucha

The next class scheduled at Alchemy will be on raw and fermented dairy, and will be taught by me.

I can't wait!!

There is so much going on in my life right now that I barely have time to blog . . . . and I attribute my improved health to fermented raw dairy. My migraines have disappeared, my adrenals are better, and I want to share my experiences with everyone now!!

So stay tuned!


Alchemy Juice Bar

New Dawn Nutrition

One World Acupuncture

Growing Green Events

The Magical Power of Fermented Foods


stacy said...

Make sure you get it on video & post to youtube!

Chris said...

Great blog. I make my own kombucha and kefir. I have many illness and a healthy diet keeps me going. I also grow an organic garden. I have a political blog. Stop by sometime and say hi.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey Dana
Just catching up.. great post! and I love the kefir post too. Hoping to add goat sometime soon, but cow kefir is great!
xo deb

Dana Herbert said...

@Stacy, we will!
@Chris, thanks, I am making my first batch of kombucha right now. Imani gave me one of her mothers.
@Debbie, yeah amazing that fermenting even pasteurized milk makes it a very potent anti-cancer food. I am even making kefir laban (or quark) now and kefir cheese, because the whey (which contains the casein) is removed. It tastes like feta cheese. Dawn, who is featured in this blog, had adrenal failure (blood pressure was 60/30) and recovered with raw milk.