Sunday, January 7, 2007

Foods To Eat Organic (Or Not At All):

* Rice - loaded with pesticides!
* Oats - read those cereal boxes!
* Milk - antibiotics and hormones are forced into America's conventional dairy cow to increase profits without regard to our children's health or that of the cow's
* Eggs - same with chickens
* Baby Foods! - babies are particularly sensitive to pesticides so make your own or go organic!
* Wild Salmon - okay, so it's not officially "organic" but Wild is the right choice for many reasons
* Foods that are GE like Corn - there are more pesticides on genetically engineered foods so avoid GMO Foods
* Soybeans - everything you buy, from bread to cookies to crackers to margerine to dry mixes, has some sort of soy product in it and most soybean in the USA is genetically-modified
* Nuts - because of the high fat content, they hold on to pesticides more than others
* Anything you or your kids eat a lot of - since pesticides accumulate, if you eat a lot of something that may not be listed here, lets say your kids eat peanut butter every day, then you should certainly avoid an excess of toxins by choosing organic for those items.

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