Sunday, January 7, 2007

Fruits To Eat Organic Only (Or Not At All):

* Peaches - listed as the worst with the highest levels of pesticides of all conventional produce
* Strawberries - one of the most pesticide laden food of all and so scrumptious and not easy to wash because they are small and sweet, like Raspberries, so choose organic to be safe and keep your family safe
* Raspberries
* Blueberries
* Apples
* Grapes (& therefore
* Raisins and
* Juice! - many kinds of juices have Grape Juice in them)
* Nectarines
* Apricots
* Pears
* Cherries
* Lemons - especially if zesting, should definitely use organic
* Limes
* Bananas - heavy chemicals for the trip to America including Thiabendazole which Damages the Brain and Nervous System. Especially troubling since this is the first food we can feed our babies! (Not on the lists anymore but I'm keeping them on mine).
* Pineapple depending from where
* Cantaloupe from Mexico
* Tomatoes - yes, they're a fruit! Of course, grape and cherry tomatoes are difficult to wash giving reason to get those organic. And organic tomatoes just taste better!


EVE said...

I always thought we only needed to worry about the outside of fruits and vegetables, but bananas you peel, so are the chemicals IN the fruit too?

Dana Herbert said...

Bananas are not on the list anymore, but to be on the safe side, particularly with baby food, I'd go organic.