Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Green Design: Earth Plaster

Earth plaster is a wonderful alternative to Venetian plaster. It is healthier, less expensive and easier for homeowners or professionals to apply. For anyone that wants to add healthy, durable, repairable, colorful and natural texture to their interior walls, Earth plaster is an excellent choice:

* Provides rich, natural texture to walls; finish can be highly polished or heavily textured.
* Made of clay, marble dust, borax and earth pigments.
* Breathes, mold resistant, hypo-allergenic, low-toxic.
* Easy to apply for homeowners or professionals.
* 3 distinct finish options: Loma, Porcelina, and Marittimo.
* Easy to clean and repair.
* Won the 2004 outstanding green product award from National Association of Homebuilders.

Please contact Interior Paint By Design for custom samples.

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stacy said...

More blog entries like this please! It's interesting to read about the design principles but it also helps to know these more eco friendly ways of decorating your home.