Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Livin' Live at Alchemy: December Events

Mmmm . . . (raw) Mexican Platter at Alchemy Juice Bar

RAW FOOD BASICS: 3 week series with Imani & John starts this THURSDAY, DEC 3, 10 & 17th
Cost: only $99, great gift idea!
Please pre-register: Imani@thegreenvibration.com
Join us for an entertaining and enlivening evening of raw food dun. Learn the health benefits of incorporating more living food into your diet, time saving tips, tasty & EASY recipes take home!

HANDS-ON CLASS: The Benefits of Raw Dairy Fermentation with Dana Herbert Tuesday, December 15th at 7 pm.
Cost: $30 co-op member, $35 non-member.
Please pre-register: Imani@thegreenvibration.com
Come find the health benefits of raw milk and kefir and how they can be used in the Budwig Diet, which is an anti-cancer diet created by a doctor who won the Nobel prize, Johanna Budwig. Each participant will learn how to make kefir cheese or quark and sample some kefir. Pre-registered participants will leave with kefir starter as well as a list of all the farms in CT that sell raw milk.

INTERNAL AWARENESS with John & Imani, Tuesday, Dec 22, 2009 @ 7pm.
We will cover the basics of the digestive/elimination system and how to detoxify based on the techniques implemented at Hippocrates. We will cover the proper use of enemas and wheatgrass implants as well as answer questions for the upcoming Holiday Detox program.

RAW FOOD POTLUCKS starting Friday, Dec 11th @ 6pm!
Join us for the first of our ongoing weekly potlucks & Friday Free Film series. Bring a raw, vegan, organic dish to share with the community (serving 6-8 people) and stay for our weekly Free Film Series featuring informational and inspirational documentary films starting @ 7pm. Bring a friend & share the fun!
Dec 11th film: Raw for 30 Days
Dec 18th film: Food Matters

Holiday Detox Special! Join Imani, John & friends for a special FIVE day personalized detox program - designed perfect just for you! Five day program includes daily yoga & meditation, infrared sauna, biomat, detox treatments, ear coning, instructional neti pot use, informational lectures rom the Hippocrates Health Institute, additional health related films and community.

Program Cost $250 for 5 days plus expenses for your personalized food/fasting program. Want to eat all raw, juice feast, water fast or any combination? We can make it work for you! Nutritionist Julia Whittier will help you design your perfect program & prepare you the week prior. Joining us is Kristy offering a variety of treatments such as body scrubs, foot baths, castor oil paks & facials as well as the DETOX DIVA herself (and dear friend), Ami Beach who will be offering RIFE energy treatments, a host of other goodies as well as a participant discount off any colonic from the Colonic Institute of West Hartford. For a more detailed itinerary and cost breakdown for nutrition options, email Imani@thegreenvibration.com.

A week @ Hippocrates in West Palm Beach Florida costs around $3,000 without airfare. Imagine getting a taste of that right here in CT at a price you can afford! You have to start the journey somewhere!


Alchemy Juice Bar Cafe & Wellness Center
and The Growing Green Co-op
197-203 New Britain Ave in Hartford, CT
next to Trinity College


stacy said...

Congratulations! This looks awesome!

Dana Herbert said...


We are going to videotape it and put it up on the blog.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey Dana!
If you can, please do a post about Elaina Love, see my blog and just copy it. Her son Dam has had a relapse of his leukemia and they need funds for Hippocrates.
much love

Dana Herbert said...

Done Deb!