Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Anti-Cancer Salad

Anti-Cancer Asparagus

Anti-Cancer Raw Milk Kefir Cheese/Quark (uncooked casein) with garlic, cilantro, onion, sea salt and cayenne pepper.

I will blog soon about how living (uncooked) and fermented Anti-Cancer Kefir, made from organic raw (unpasturized) milk, can be separated into cheese/quark/casein (prevents the breakdown of muscle, may help prevent cancer, is used in the Budwig Diet to treat cancer and induces myelopoiesis) and whey (builds muscle and strong bones, and may help prevent and treat cancer) and how each milk protein can be used safely in an Anti-Cancer diet:
Whey protein is included in the daily menu of all advanced or metastatic cancer patients. When treating cancers that are stable or have regressed in size, patients then have the option of including other protein foods at their breakfast meals such as cottage cheese (casein), yogurt, or soy foods.


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Debbie Young said...

Hey Dana!!
Loving your anti cancer dishes! Things are going well for me, feeling good and very hopeful for a good test in April!
Three years of canser fighting done!
love deb

Dana Herbert said...

Deb, keeping my fingers crossed for more AWESOME results! Keep me posted.

PS: I have to write a new blog.....argh, been so busy lately!