Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Max Keiser: The Keiser's Business Guide to 2010

Tomorrow, 20:00 on BBC Radio 5 live

Join the Mystic Meg of money, Max Keiser, as he and his guests get to grips with the recession and predict the big events of 2010. Max is joined by panelists including comedian Andy Zaltzman and Professor Steve Keen - one of a handful of economists who saw the global recession coming. Together with politicians and financial experts, they take a look at the extraordinary events of the last year and make their predictions about what could happen in the coming twelve months.

Ex stockbroker and journalist Max Keiser is informed, irreverent, off beat and entertaining. His views have made him a hit whenever he's appeared on BBC Radio 5 live. And now the man who got it right about the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the breakdown of Iceland's economy, and the collapse of the sub prime mortgage market, gives his take on 2010.

Max can't promise to get everything right, but he can guarantee a unique take on the global recession and who is to blame for the mess the financial system is in. Let Max guide you through the markets, banks, regulation, the debt, jobs, mortgages, savings, the politics and what it means to you.

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stacy said...

Wow! I am definitely going to tune into listen to this!!! :)

You can listen live by following the link on the program page.