Saturday, July 19, 2008

Diagnosing Dana: Exhibit 7

Abdominal x-ray showing two pieces of mercury dental fillings,
trapped in my appendix.

On March 18, 2002, I saw an infectious disease specialist to rule out any infectious cause for my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had been experiencing a lot of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and sharp abdominal cramps over the last year and a half, as well as menorrhagia, hematuria and low back pain. He ordered an abdominal x-ray and CT scan for me. While undergoing these procedures, the radiology technician asked me if I had ever had any surgery performed in my abdominal cavity or had my appendix removed. I told her that I had not.

The docto9r called me a few days later to report that the radiology studies were normal.

Not convinced, I drove to Bristol Radiology about two weeks later to pick up the reports and scans and take a look for myself:

What did the radiologist mean when he said that these findings were not "significant"? I was experiencing debilitating symptoms that caused me to seek out an abdominal x-ray in the first place and look for any clues as to what might be causing these symptoms.

Is it normal to have sclerotic bone changes in the spine?

Is it normal to have two pieces of metal stuck in your appendix??

Do heavy metals cause sclerotic bone changes?

The doctor assured me that I did not have an infectious disease. Then shouldn't these sclerotic bone changes be biopsied to check for cancer?

This means that the two pieces of metal had been in my appendix for at least two years by the time my appendix was removed in August 2002.

After picking up the scans, I went onto the internet and googled "metal fillings in appendix" to see if perhaps those pieces of metal were responsible for, at the very least, my current IBS symptoms.

The first website that I clicked on was this one:

"Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment"

I was absolutely shocked by what I read! Going through my entire medical history, I have had at one time or another almost every symptom of mercury poisoning. I did not know that dental amalgam contained mercury! I have had at least 20 fillings placed, drilled out and replaced during my lifetime, most when I was in high school and college, and I can remember going to classes immediately after a dental appointment and feeling extremely dizzy, as if I were going to pass out in class!

I also suffered from extreme shyness, anxiety/panic attacks and fine motor tremors that began in my early teens. I had my first four fillings placed when I was nine years old, and by the time I was 15, I had at least 10 of them in my mouth. Big ones. Most of my back molars looked like they were metal crowns, they had that much amalgam filling in them.

I was also very shocked to read about how the dental establishment denies that mercury poisoning from dental amalgam exists by claiming that mercury becomes stable when mixed with other metals and that the vapor released from amalgams is too miniscule to matter.

Why would they make these crazy false claims??

Are dentists also causing or contributing to our alarmingly high rates of cancer?

Check out this disturbing "Smoking Tooth" video on the IAOMT website:

Does this mean that anyone with amalgam fillings in their mouth is a smoker, whether they smoke cigarettes or not? Can you imagine if the Philip Morris company forced us all to smoke cigarettes? Our society would never allow it, especially now that we are informed about the health consequences of smoking. But that is basically what your own health care providers, your dentists, the people you trust your life to, are doing when they put mercury (or any other toxic or carcinogenic metal) in your mouth without informed consent.

Had I not had this abdominal x-ray done and were it not for the internet, I would have never found out about mercury amalgam poisoning and it's connection to so many illnesses! And I probably would have never believed it if it hadn't happened to me.

Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

Mercury Causes Tumors

Dental/Cancer Connection.

Mercury Linked To Breast Cancer and Leukemia.

Mercury Dental Fillings Not As Safe As Once Thought.

What Mercury Does To You.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Chronic Mercury Poisoning?,
and How Mercury Converts To Methylmercury In The GI Tract.

Mercury Causes Hypercoagulation and Hyperfibrinolytic Condition.

Hypercoagulability Seen In All Cancer Patients.

The Dangerousness of Mercury Vapor (1926).

Cancer Victors News

Toxic Metals: The Reason You Still Feel Sick

Mercury Toxicity, Gut Wall Infection, and Fatigue,
and Mercury Accumulates in the Brain and Spinal Cord

The Dumpling's Secret Life With Dentists


Elizabeth M. said...

Hi Dana...I'm a fellow mercury toxic person :(
I've been doing some chelation therapy, oral and suppository lately, and have written a series of posts on my blog with info I've picked up about heavy metal poisoning.
I would love to write to you more about the process of getting rid of these metals. Stuff like where to get the tests etc...
Good for you in finding out, and looking at your own scan pictures!

Dana Herbert said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Great blog!

My next blog will be about heavy metal chelation as a cancer treatment.

I was tested by a naturopath three months after I had my last fillings and two months after having my appendix removed, with a DMSA challenge test, and had very high levels of mercury in my urine. This was also AFTER having zero mercury in my urine following a conventional non-challenge test by an allopathic doctor about a week earlier. If you have NO mercury in your urine following a non-challenge test, that means that your body retains mercury and you are unable to excrete it. People with autism are unable to excrete mercury.

What is even scarier is that I had high mercury in my blood test, but it wasn't coming out in my urine! Methylmercury is measured in the blood. I do not eat fish. Elemental mercury turns to methylmercury in the intestinal tract!

I also had allergy testing by Peak Energy Performance and tested as highly reactive to mercury.

I used the Cutler protocol of DMSA and ALA for several months to rid myself of mercury, back in 2002 and 2003. This was back when mercury poisoning was still very controversial and the conventional toxicologist I saw assured me that dental amalgams were non-toxic.

Amalgams containing high levels (more than 50%) mercury were not used until the 1970's, due to the rising cost of silver, so older people, who had all or most of their fillings placed prior to he 1970's do not really "get" (or understand) mercury poisoning.

Cilantro and garlic will also chelated mercury, and I believe IV-C helps too. I did 30 IV-C's with glutathione in 2005 and 2006.

I read that you have breast cancer. Did you know that mercury has been found in the center of breast cancer tumors? You will want to remove any nickel from your mouth as well, as nickel is also linked to breast cancer. It is often used underneath porcelain crowns.


cukie6 said...

Hi Dana

Great information here! You are a great researcher. I have CFS too and mercury fillings. I'm very curious to see what my levels are which I will get back in a month. Thanks for all the information. I'm going to add a link to my blog, feel free to reciprocate.


Swallowtail said...

Wow! I guess it's been too long since I last looked at your blog. Good job presenting your mercury poisoning story of discovery. Would you mind if I posted it on my blog?


(ps... your NH photos remind me that I miss the White Mtns... occasionally... having spent a year and a half working there)

Dana Herbert said...


I would be honored if you posted my mercury story on your blog!

What happened to Scrabulous???? What am I going to do NOW at 3:00 am??


Unknown said...


Just got my tests back. My mercury is over 30. It's supposed to be under 5. I can't thank you enough for all your research that you have posted and for telling your story. It is such a help and support to me. I have had numerous problems that I never knew were related to this. Particularly Candida! Thank you so much!


Dana Herbert said...

You are very welcome Bueller!

Debbie Young said...

Dana that xray gave me chills, wtf, they think it is ok to have mercury fillings lodged in your body????
I am so glad you found this out, thanks to bueller for leading me here.
I had tons of fillings now have tons of crowns and only two fillings, I want them out, dentists acts like I am crazy..let him get leukemia then we will see how he feels about it!
I am going to research how to get mercury out, any suggestions would be great.

Dana Herbert said...

Debbie, my next Diagnosing Dana post (#8) will be about what happened when I got my fillings removed without precautions, how to remove your fillings safely, and how to detox from mercury. Dana

Dana Herbert said...

From CancerCured at Yahoo Groups:

Just wanted to mention that for anyone with amalgam fillings,
especially if they were done in the 70s, they use to place what were
called high copper amalgams. Copper can be just as toxic as mercury,
and, if one's fillings are still in place, both can continuously be
released in the body. If you don't have fillings, of course this isn't
an issue.

I use to have high copper levels and by systemically treating the
entire body, as well as doing the dental revisions, this corrected itself.

Someone mentioned hair testing for copper toxicity. If the copper has
been in the body a long time this may very well not show up in the
hair as it's already been deeply stored in the body's organs. Hair
analysis is a decent adjunct test, but it doesn't show true body burden.


That is so true!

I have a holistic dentist that taught me that a person may never be able to release the mercury or copper stored in the body is it is too weak to release it. The body itself is incredible and will protect you from toxicity if it can.


Dana Herbert said...

More from CancerCured at Yahoo:

Subject: [cancercured] More on Copper and Cancer -- including "off label" administration of drug TM

It appears that copper levels are elevated in everyone with cancer, and
it may be next to impossible to lower them without drug intervention.
Apparently almost all foods have copper, with liver and shellfish being
the worst (highest concentrations). (So anyone chugging calf liver
juice as a part of the Gerson protocol should be aware of this -- but

There is apparently a drug that will lower copper levels in people, but
it takes 2 months to accomplish this. It is called TM. Note also that
high zinc and vitamin C intake will lower copper levels in the blood.

Copper apparently fuels angiogenesis in cancer cells, which is the
infiltration of the tumor with new blood vessels to feed them. BAD.

There is a web page dealing with copper, angiogenesis, and the drug TM:


I constantly fight the start of cancer.

My copper was elevated, very elevated.

I took NAC - 600mg three times a day
Alpha Lipoic Acid - 600 mg three times a day

My metabolic typing supplements for a sympathetic type

And it took 9 months to normalize.

My whole family did the same thing with the exception that they also took a metabolic typing supplement for their type which is parasympathetic.
(We also had two children with cancer)

All of us made it through successfully!

You can do it too.