Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bringing Essential Care to the Uninsured

August 5, 2008: A fleet of dentists will extract more than 3800 teeth working twelve hour days to keep up with the demand for critical oral care at an outdoor medical and dental clinic in Wise, Virginia.
(Producer/Camera/Editor: Jennifer Molina)

This is a very touching brought a tear to my eye.

Source: Newsweek

Another great Newsweek dental article:

A Doctor's Lesson in Denial: "As a dentist, I always encouraged my patients to take their health seriously. So why did I keep ignoring that lump in my neck?"

"If you don't do oral cancer screening you don't deserve to be a dentist."

I couldn't agree more.

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Dana Herbert said...

This is an email I just received from Jennifer Molina, who made the video "Bringing Essential Care to the Uninsured":


"Way, way cool!
when you have a moment, check out another video I did last year called 'Living in the Now' about a program at MGH for parents who have cancer and how to maintain parenting. Janice Hayes-Cha is now writing a book about her experience, And for the sheer weirdness of being an American, check out //

all about the selling of the Passion of the Christ!

you're site is so cool. i just got a juicer!"


Thank you so much for finding me on Facebook Jennifer and friending me!

I am going to find your other projects right now....thanks!