Sunday, August 10, 2008

In Search of HEAT in August - And a Real Finnish Sauna

This sauna was built by my great-grandmother Impi Kivela,
more than 70 years ago.
Impi was originally from Helsinki, Finland.
She had nine children and this is where they all bathed.

This sauna was built by one of Impi's sons, my great uncle John.

My cousin Lydia and uncle Ed, before jumping into the pool.

My Nana. Niomi. One of Impi's beautiful daughters, all grown up!
Of course, I am her favorite granddaughter. Right, Stacy?

Organic cucumbers to take home with me!


boogieandjive said...

Impi was born in Humpila, just south west of Helsinki. ;)

Dana Herbert said...

Muck muck.

Juhana Harju said...

It looks just like saunas here in Finland except that we don't have pools but a lake or the sea beside the sauna. Finnish people also bathe and swim naked in private saunas, sometimes both sexes together. Swimming suites or towels are only used in public saunas. :-)

Dana Herbert said...

Well, you know, we had to put our bathing suits on for the camera in order to blog the pictures.....


Dana Herbert said...

For those of you who can read Finnish, Juhana Harju has a fascinating raw foods and healthy living blog:

cukie6 said...

Oh wow!! I have Sauna envy. That looks fantastic!


Dana Herbert said...

Bueller, it is a great way to detox mercury too! Dana