Friday, August 22, 2008

Vacation: Ulster County, Hudson Valley

Home of Ulster County Legend, Don Ross
(aka Uncle Don, no relation)

Uncle Don's Garden

View of the Mountains From Uncle Don's Back Yard

Uncle Don and Me

The Morning Brew Cafe

My Raw Food Lunch

Checking Out Nectar Imports

I Love This Store

The Paint Finish is Awesome

Some Good Ideas Here for My Gallery/Design Store

High Falls Food Co-Op

Lake Minnewaska

Hiking from Lake Minnewaska to Lake Awasting

Lions and Tigers and Deer, Oh My

Dark Hued Fruits, Veggies are Good for the Brain

Lake Awasting

Taking a Lunch Break


Confronting my Shadow Self at Lake Awasting

Heading to the Beach

The Beach at Lake Awasting

Uncle Don Breaks the Law . . . .

While I Consult My Shadow Self . . . .

And Opt For Vitamin D Instead

Leaving Lake Awasting

Heading into The Dutchess County Fair

Teaching Jason and Uncle Don

Burning Man

The Food Here is Terrible . . . .

See Pictures From Last Summer's Trips to Uncle Don's
here and here.


My Handwriting Analysis from the Dutchess County Fair reads:
  • Versatility is one of your outstanding traits.
  • You do not allow yourself to be intimidated by others.
  • You like to play an active part in life around you.
  • Your imagination runs away from you at times causing you to exaggerate.
  • People find you honest, conscientious, and trustworthy.
  • You become depressed if you don't make the progress you planned.
  • You are sensitive to the needs of others.
  • You have strong principles and stick to them faithfully.
  • Your bark is much worse than your bite.
  • You dislike rules - unless you make them yourself.
  • You love seeking new challenges.
My Horoscope from the Dutchess County Fair reads:

PISCES: Ruled by Neptune, the planet of mystery and illusion, the Pisces personality is elusive, changeable, and spiritual. They are not known to be practical, but can have a masterful understanding of abstract ideas. Each Pisces bears a stamp of uniqueness. Pisceans are very special people. They are loyal, unselfish, and always ready to help a friend who has fallen on hard times. They are not concerned with the superficial and what others see on the surface. Pisces looks at the inner soul. Fundamentally unsure of themselves, Pisceans prefer to work alone rather than with other people. They do better with creative endeavors than in the dog eat dog world of business. Humor is one of the Pisces' secret weapons. They are excellent practical jokers with the ability to keep a straight face while pulling someone's leg. They have a fine dramatic sense fueled by a powerful imagination. Pisces often have psychic connections with their children. Their compassion allows them to understand all the struggles and challenges of growing up.

PISCES IN THE NEW MILLENIUM: In the new millenium, you learn to bring your wisdom and intuition in line with your work and profession. Instead of keeping hunches and intuitions to yourself, you'll begin sharing them with other people. A 14-year spiritual expansion begins. You will know, at the very least, who you are and what you believe and where you are going. Most of us will not discover this much in a lifetime.

Wow. Pretty damn good . . . .

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Bob Hoeppner said...

What beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a nice time.