Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vacation Pictures: New Hampshire

Cosmo and Mom ("Eema") at The Friendly Toast

Tofu and spinach for breakfast.

Getting my vitamin D at Wallis State Beach
Vitamin D and Cancer Research
Goodbye Cancer, Hello Sun Exposure

Leo and Cosmo riding the waves.

Confronting my shadow self . . . .

Ideas for The Green Room . . . .

Shopping bag for organic veggies!

Refueling with some fresh carrot juice!

And veggies.

Ravenswood Curio Shoppe

I wanted to buy this, but it was $2,600. Ouch.
I've already spent more than I can ever afford
on just getting RID of the mercury in my mouth!

Typical New England weather.

Blue skies ahead!

Granite, everywhere.

The Red Barn

Poor Ole Nickel Nick . . . .

Caves, everywhere.

Newfound Lake

Leo and Cosmo digging for emeralds and aquamarine,
while trying to not breathe in any dust from the nearby beryllium!


boogieandjive said...

wow it looks awesome! how beautiful and the food looks excellent too! i'm impressed . . . missing it?

Dana Herbert said...


New Hampshire is a BEAUTIFUL State!

The food was the best I could do, not all raw or alkaline, but proof that you CAN eat healthy on vacation. As soon as I got home, I went shopping for my raw alkaline organics to re-stock my fridge.

I found so many quaint little stores and have lots of inspiration for The Green Room now.

Bob Hoeppner said...

Wow, thanks for the great pics. NH is much more beautiful than I remember it (I spent time at Kittery, ME and Postsmouth, NH when my suibmarine was in the yards back in 1980.)

Dana Herbert said...

Hey Bob, good to see you back on my blog!

Maybe you just looked at the world a little differently in 1980?

Did you confront your shadow self back then? Lol.

cukie6 said...

What a fun trip. I love the Red Barn!