Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eva Vertes: My Dream About the Future of Medicine

Fight cancer with cancer??

Check this out:

Eva Vertes -- only 19 when she gave this talk -- discusses her journey toward studying medicine and her drive to understand the roots of cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Eva Vertes is a microbiology prodigy. Her discovery, at age 17, of a compound that stops fruit-fly brain cells from dying was regarded as a step toward curing Alzheimer's. Now she aims to find better ways to treat -- and avoid -- cancer.

Why you should listen to her:

Eva Vertes may not yet have the answers she needs to cure cancer, but she's asking some important -- and radical questions: If smoking can cause lung cancer, and drinking can cause liver cancer, is it possible that cancer is a direct result of injury? If so, could cancer be caused by the body's own repair system going awry?

She asks this and other breathtaking questions in her conference-closing 2005 talk. Her approach marks an important shift in scientific thinking, looking in brand-new places for cancer's cause -- and its cure. Her ultimate goal, which even she calls far-fetched, is to fight cancer with cancer.

"Vertes and her colleagues are gifted researchers who realize that stem cells hold an infinite amount of possibility within their amazingly small frames. Unlocking their potential will produce cures that could end the suffering of hundreds of millions of afflicted people."



Shandy Monte said...

That was fascinating!!! :)

Dana Herbert said...

Wasn't it?

She is very passionate about the subject, obviously.

We need more teenagers like THAT out there.

Avoid injuries/surgeries, etc. as much as possible, and eat anti-cancer foods for cellular differentiation - so that those repair cells turn into normal cells, not cancer cells.

It really is a lot simpler than it seems.

Pancit said...

Thanks for posting! You know what, all of my problems occurred after my surgeries. I've had three C-sections. At the time, my doctor WANTED me to have those C-sections. If I had been more educated, I would have searched for a doctor who would have done everything to AVOID a C-section. My first panic attack occurred after the birth of my second child, and my current health problems started after the birth of my third (March 19 - woo hoo!). Anyway, this is great stuff. Thank you, Dana! :-)

Dana Herbert said...

Pancit, if I had been seen this video when it first came out, I would not have spent a huge fortune on "holistic" jawbone "surgeries".

My problems started after my second was born. I think Shandy's too. Having children takes a lot out of you. My great grandmother Impi had NINE children . . . . . I don't know how she did it. The only thing I can think of is that we are becoming like Pottenger's cats.

Homeopath said...

interesting blog...

Dana Herbert said...

Thanks Homeopath.
Isn't curing cancer with cancer a form of homeopathy?

chris said...