Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oracle with Max Keiser (and Stacy Herbert): Episode 4, February 20, 2009

Guests: Andy Zaltzman and Leo Johnson

The Newsweek Article "We Are All Socialists Now" mentioned in this episode was sent by me to Stacy and Max, who live in Paris, about two weeks ago . . . .

I swiped it off the My Crazy Sexy Life website.

February 10 at 1:56pm
We are ALL Socialists now . . . .

We are becoming more French!

Oh la la . . . .

February 12 at 11:46am
It takes more than just socialism . . . it takes a riot or two every few months. And a nationwide general strike at least once a year where EVERYONE is in it together. To keep the govt afraid of the people . . . rather than the other way around (as in states)!

February 12 at 12:40pm
that's right.. what a free feeling to know that the gov't fears the people and not the other way around..

February 12 at 3:31pm
Sometimes I feel like we're in a very valuable time right now and nobody knows it. Precisely because we don't have the language to rally one another - for instance in the USA we can't use the word Socialism. So time is passing and the Obama election still leaves this pleasant hangover but no analysis, no words to hang meaning on, just sort of a mood of waiting - and I don't like the passivity of it.

Max Keiser
February 13 at 5:25am
i just use 'collectivism' as the new word to do battle against 'individualism'

i am writing a novel - that lays out the basis for this language


Update: Billy Talen (aka The Reverend Billy) is now running for Mayor of NYC!!


John X said...

I'm in Vienna at the moment, enjoying a city that by middle-American standards is the textbook example of "socialism."

Here they speak of "Lebensqualitat;" that is to say, quality of life.

Having spent my entire life as a working-class, non-college edumacated Jethro living in the middle of flyover country, I ought to be socialism's worst enemy, but having seen the differences in Lebensqualitat between the US and Europe...well, let's just say the difference is glaring, and the winner ain't the USA.

BTW, if you want to follow my temporary travel blog, it's here:

John X

Dana Herbert said...


What a wonderful blog!!
You are such a great writer!
My favorite is your "Meine Krankenschwester" post:

When I visited Stacy and Max in Paris last summer, I was FLOORED that the doctors wrote homeopathic prescriptions and actually tried homeopathy before resorting to the "shit".

Thank you!

John X said...

Dana, thank you for looking at the blog, and for your kind comments.

Yes, it's very interesting dealing with European pharmicists or doctors, versus their counterparts in the US. Here in Vienna, there are a variety of teas, extracts, herbs, etc. that are deemed as valuable as commercially manufactured pharmaceuticals in their healing powers.

Back in Oklahoma, where I live, the doctors prescribe a cheeseburger and an order of fries, then tell you to eat some bull testicles if you're not getting good results from the first 'script.

Well, I exaggerate somewhat.


Dana Herbert said...


I think those herbal teas and extracts, etc. are far more healing than the drugs. I think the drugs are okay for short-term symptom relief, but not for long-term healing.

Check out this John Lee Hooker video:

His doctor wrote him a description (sic) for milk, cream and alcohol.