Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Anti-Cancer Treatments: Cranberry Juice


Alright, now I am adding CRANBERRY JUICE to my list of daily beverages, which already includes the daily consumption of green juice, carrot and beet juice, green tea, lemon juice, herbal detox teas and raw milk . . . . I barely have any room left for solids in my diet!

Why cranberry juice?

Check THIS out:

1: Nutr Cancer. 2008;60(4):511-7.

Cranberry juice constituents impair lymphoma growth and augment the generation of anti-lymphoma antibodies in syngeneic mice.

Hochman N, Houri-Haddad Y, Koblinski J, Wahl L, Roniger M, Bar-Sinai A, Weiss EI, Hochman J.

Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University-Hadassah, Jerusalem, Israel.

In addition to its nutritional value, cranberry juice has been effective in treating urinary tract infections. Various reports have also demonstrated its potential for inhibiting in vitro growth of transformed cell lines. Here we show that a fraction [nondialyzable material (NDM) of a molecular weight range 12,000-30,000 (NDM 12-30K)] derived from cranberry juice impairs in vitro growth and invasion through extracellular matrix of Rev-2-T-6 murine lymphoma cells. Furthermore, intraperitoneal injection of this fraction at nontoxic doses both inhibits the growth of Rev-2-T-6 tumors in vivo and enhances the generation of anti-lymphoma antibodies. These findings demonstrate the in vivo efficacy of cranberry components against malignant lymphoma in immune competent hosts.
Raw juiced cranberries are best, not the sugary pasteurized stuff from the supermarket. And like lemons, you can also simply add raw whole cranberry juice to any of your other juices. However, I think I will drink my cranberries separate from my alkaline juices.

Interesting note:
Cranberries are one of the very few acid forming fruits.

Cranberries Contain Possible Anti-caries, Anti-plaque Agents.


Shandy Monte said...

DANA!!!! I feel the same way... there is NO room for solids!! lol

I drink 3 green teas daily, detox tea, Revive Chai, green juice, Carrot/apple/ginger juice, water, etc.. etc...ETC!!


I also juice cranberries into my juices (2x a week)... it's REALLY good!

Hope you had a great V day!!

Dana Herbert said...


You are lucky you live near the cranberry capital of the world, and Cape Cod.

We are going to have to meet up this summer and blast around the Cape for a weekend . . . . get some vitamin D and some healing salt ocean water on our skin.

Pick some cranberries.

Visit the art galleries in P-Town.

I am going to juice only carrot, beet, asparagus and celery (with whole lemon and ginger) now, and EAT all my other greens and veggies until I can get a wheatgrass juicer. I also just recently learned that you should NOT juice raw broccoli because it has thyroid toxins when it is raw. So juiced broccoli is now out and steamed broccoli is back in.

I did what I always do on Valentine's night . . . . I went to the gym because it is one of the few nights of the year that I have the whole place to myself practically.

Pretty pathetic, huh?

I should have brought my digital camera, so I could take the pictures I want for my blog (very easy to do when there is no one around).

I almost bought a new Digital SLR yesterday for myself as a present. It was $200 off the original price at Circuit City which is going out of business.

Hope you had a great V-Day!


Shandy Monte said...


That sounds like fun!!!!

I wonder if the stem of the broccoli matters?? I never juice the tops, only the stem.

I have wanted a camera (Nikon) for SO long, I think I am getting one with Income taxes (not mine of course!), but my little digital (Kodak) doesn't take very good pictures and I have ALWAYS wanted to go out and take nature pics, also I beleive it is very healing.

I am also wanting to get a wheatgrass juicer, I found one online that comes with a book, seeds and trays for like 150$.... I may get that one for now. I am just worried about growing the wheatgrass and Mold issues.

Then I have been looking at the GreenStar, which I would LOVE to have... but the damn price... ugh!

Speaking of the sun, me and My fiance want to move to California SOOOO bad... I was supposed to move there in 2005 to pursue acting, but things get in the way... wasn't my time. Anyway, we were just talking AGAIN today about how badly we want to move there. Ahhhh, I just don't like cold, or winter. I would miss NEw England, but Sun and Ocean... HERE i come!!!!

:) Shandy

Dana Herbert said...

I used to live in Los Angeles 1989 - 1995. They have NO "weather" out there . . . . it is dry, no wind, 80 degrees, year round. But no real sun for sunbathing either . . . . a haze of smog blankets the city.
Yeah, I am looking at the Nikon D60. I have a couple of funky art/food book ideas . . . . I bought my first 35 mm when I was 13 years old for $100. An Olympus. Used. My ex in California was a pro photographer, so I learned a lot in California. I learned how to paint out there. It is very creative out there . . . . you would love it.
I've been back out since, for a wedding. It's not the same when you get to be about my age as it is when you are 23 years old (which is how old I was when I got out there). They haven't even re-painted any of the old apartments or houses that I rented! Yeesh . . . .
I like the East Coast now. It's easier to visit Europe from here. I'm just thinking of going a little more south than NW CT.
Even NYC is always 10 degrees warmer than it is here!
I don't mind any weather over 30 degrees . . . . when it gets down to zero, I can't stand that.

John X said...

I like no-sodium soda water as an occasional mixer for fruit juices, and I imagine cranberry juice would taste pretty good with some bubbles tickling.

Juice is great, but I made some garlic bread bagels tonight that were pretty decent, so I give equal time to liquids and solids.

Well, and gasses too, I guess: CO2 in the soda water. All three states of matter.

Dana Herbert said...

John, that sounds like a GREAT idea!
Fizzy cranberry juice! I love it! I am thinking that cranberry juice should be consumed away from the alkaline veggie drinks. I think it is okay to vacillate between being very alkaline and slightly acidic throughout the day.

Dana Herbert said...

Here is an article by Heath Ranger Mike Adams re: the alkaline/acid thing: