Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Anti-Cancer Treatments: Asparagus

ASPARAGUS is super high in glutathione, has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, helps fight chronic fatigue syndrome, helps treat toothaches, helps chelate heavy metals from the body, heals blood vessels, is a diuretic, laxative, antidepressant and an aphrodisiac, and is a wonderful anti-cancer food.

I add three to four stalks of asparagus to my veggie juice every day.

I should probably consume more.

Asparagus for Cancer: My friend Leonard (who is the person who put me on this healing journey six or seven years ago when he sent me a list of all the best alternative treatments for bone lymphoma, which used to be known as reticulum cell sarcoma) says:

"Many recoveries have been reported from both raw and cooked asparagus. Houston wrote that "raw juice [from juicer or blender] may be the most effective form" (cited in Hess, 1999, p. 138). If I had cancer, I would eat as much asparagus as I could get down in any form, cooked (preferably steamed) or raw, solid or liquid.”

Asparagus as Cancer Cure?
at Democratic Underground

Asparagus Defense Against Cancer

Treating Lung Cancer with Aspargus Root Extracts

Sloan-Kettering: Chinese Asparagus shows activity against leukemia and lung cancer.

Asparagus: Real Health Food, by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

UPDATE: July 6, 2017:

Here is a fabulous food blog at Quick Easy Cook on How to Cook Asparagus by Lita Watson that I think you'll really love! Enjoy!


Shandy Monte said...

Does it have a strong taste in your juice?? My fiance loves asparagus... We have some in the fridge now!! I have never had it in my life!

Dana Herbert said...

No, it doesn't have a strong taste at all when it is juiced raw and combined with other veggies. The flavor is stronger when it is cooked, but I love the flavor. It can also make your pee smell a little sulphur-y.

We had a big field next to my grandmother's house that had wild asparagus growing in it and we used to eat it all the time growing up.

Bueller said...

When I reversed my pre-cancer I ate asparagus twice a day. I got one mercury filling out today! They gave me oxygen so I just wanted you to know. You've been such a huge support. Thank yoU!


Shandy Monte said...

Bueller.... I am also trying to reverse my "pre-cancer"

I have had abnormal pap smears and Biopsy's for 2 years... on top of everything else I am dealing with (neurological lyme)

I jsut had my re-pap a few days ago and I am really nervous.

Awesome that you reversed yours!!!! :)

Shandy Monte said...

Cool Dana,

Maybe I will try that in my daily greens!

Dana Herbert said...

That is great Bueller!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling?

I was too afraid to ask for an oxygen mask because I had mine done in 2002, and the dentist who removed them did not believe in mercury poisoning, but reluctantly agreed to remove them for me and replace with composite. I didn't want to push him and make him back down . . . . but then I inhaled a lot of dust which made my cribriform plate lesion worse and gave me my first migraine (with many more to follow since then!).

I also swallowed a lot of dust so I took bentonite clay and psyllium husk. Psyllium husk will also lower your blood sugar levels (very important for pre-cervical cancer) AND it increases butyrate in the gut which help detox neurotoxins and also helps balance your GI flora. Hal Huggins recommends a lot of butter because of the butyrate in it. But if you don't eat dairy, psyllium will also help.

I waited a couple of years before I started to eat raw fish again.

Shandy, I think you should swipe some of your fiance's asparagus and start juicing it! It is on sale at my grocery store right now, two for one, so I am going to eat it twice a day like Bueller now!

I love you guys!

Shandy Monte said...

I did it... I am sipping on my green juice asparagus added! I put about 5 in...

so todays juice is...

2 carrots
lots o' romaine
parsley (good for detox)
English Cucumber
2 celery stalks
half a green apple
half a lemon
chunk of ginger

Yummy goodness!


Dana Herbert said...

Shandy, that sounds really yummy!

But if you get stinky pee . . . .
Blame it on Bueller!!


I just love the sound of that . . . .
Blaaaame it on Bueller!!

Pancit said...

Wow, I had no idea! I absolutely love asparagus. My kids love it, too! They love broccoli as well, so I will switch it out every other day for variety. Thanks for the info. It's good stuff!

Toni said...

Okay, So I put asparagus in my juice... hmm? Not sure if I like the taste. Im not used to it, since I have never really eaten it. But, I am going to keep adding it. Hopefully it will be an acquired taste! ;)

Dana Herbert said...

Hey Toni,

What else is in your juice?
Apple, lemon (with rinds for d-limonene)?

That smoothie on your blog, the hot pink one with beets in it looks DELICIOUS!

I want one right now!!!

. . . . . . . . . . .

Visit Toni's BEAUTIFUL blog at:

Toni said...

I made a fabulous juice today. It is the one Kris Carr shows on her movie... Has kale, romaine, celery, cucumber, broccoli stem, and lemon. Yum! The one I made with asparagus had carrots, beet, lemon (w/o rind), and cucumber. So, I should leave on the rind?

Dana Herbert said...

I stopped juicing the kale and broccoli when I read that the cruciferous veggies have thyroid toxins in them when consumed raw.

The Romaine and cucumber, I eat raw in salads, so I feel like I waste good fiber and a lot of money when I juice them.

With the aspargus, I juice some, steam some and eat whole.

For juicing, I like to stick to the cheaper (but organic) veggies that I NEVER eat because they are so hard to eat enough of, like carrot, beet, celery and lemon with the rind.

The reason I juice the rind is because it has a lot of d-limonene in it, which is a potent anti-cancer compound found in citrus.

I am thinking of getting a VitaMix now to make smoothies. If I can keep more of the fiber, I think that would be great!

Dana Herbert said...

I know that we need fiber to detox, otherwise the body just reabsorbs toxins.

The main reason I use carrots as my base is because it is very difficult for me to actually EAT carrots, and carrots are LOADED with beta-carotene, which is REALLY good for lymphoma.

Most of the green stuff, to me, is good tasting, easy to eat FIBER!!!
I LOVE salads!!

debbiedoesraw said...

Dana!!!!!!!! Wow, I need to get on here WAY more often! You look stunning, your exhibit is out of this world fab and your cancer info top notch!!!!!
Asparagus here I come, watch out!!

Dan said...

Hello all I just wanted to let you all know that another good anti cancer treatment especially for precancerous lesions is Ellagic acid found in some of the highest concentrations in red rasberries. if you look up ellagic acid and cancer you will find all types of studies and websites with information about it. Another good source of ellagic acid is pomegranate and you can buy supplements that have 40% standardized ellagic acid in them which is pretty potent. Its also good for HPV by itself. Anyway I wish you all the best!

Shandy Monte said...

This is very interesting Dana. Remember I was on a Pomegranate kick, eating like 4 a day... it was CRAZY. I was actually having major cravings for them. I havent had a pom for months as I cannot find them ANYWHERE... I would rather eat them then take the supp. I am doing these suppositories right now for my HIGH grade lesions and also taking a beta-carotene supp from my ND.. oh and an HPV homeopathic Nosode. I was supposed to have a leap done in March, but I decided to try this first..

I am so excited you found this info!!!! :)

Dana Herbert said...

I did a blog on pomegranates in December of 2008:
Unfortunately, they are seasonal and you can only get them here in New England in the winter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Just wondering if the asparagus has to be pureed. I have a friend fighting cancer and has a hard time getting it down pureed. She however loves it just slightly cooked in a little olive oil. wouldn't it be better not to cook it very long and hence keep the live enzymes?

Artieboy said...

It seems to me that if the medical community is saying not to eat asparagus because it interferes with chemotherapy then that should sound alarm bells for everyone. I have also found a doctor that uses Hydrogen Peroxide IV infusion to treat cancer. I have renalcell carcinoma and the treatments for this type of cancer by the medical community are horendous, and the treatments will not cure the cancer but only possibly slow it down. I Have chosen to take the H2O2 treatments and certainly use the asparagus too.